Sightseeing in Niseko

The Niseko area is one of the most famous places in Hokkaido due to its breathtaking landscapes and serene natural environment. Soak in awe-inspiring mountains, sparkling rivers, and fresh air as you discover this stunning area.

Complete your trip to Niseko by visiting some of the area’s most well-known locations.

Sightseeing Locations in Niseko

Mt. Yotei

Mt. Yotei is undoubtedly the most recognizable peak in Hokkaido and is an icon of the Niseko region. Its peak sits at 1,898m and towers above the surrounding forests and farmland.

Mt. Yotei can be seen from just about anywhere around Niseko, but here are some of the best places to view this mountain from.

Mt. Annupuri

Mt. Niseko Annupuri is home to the areas largest four ski resorts – Annupuri, Niseko Village, Grand Hirafu and Hanazono. In winter these four resorts are collectively known as Niseko United and draws in visitors from all over the world. In summer this mountain can be hiked from Goshiki Onsen, as well as from the Hirafu and Annupuri summer gondolas. Those who hike to the peak are rewarded with stunning views of majestic mount Yotei. Sunrise hikes are highly recommended during the green season.

Shiribetsu River

The Shiribetsu river is considered to be one of the cleanest rivers in all of Japan. This natural wonder of Niseko runs through Kutchan Town, Niseko Town, and Rankoshi Town. This river is also a very popular place for river rafting throughout spring and summer.

Half Moon Lake

Half-moon lake sits at the base of Mt. Yotei and was formed by volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago. The lake is named due to its unusual crescent shape and is surrounded by natural forests all around its edges. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the lake from the car park at the base of Mt. Yotei.

Mirror Marsh - (Kagami Numa)

Kagami-Numa, or Mirror Lake is a small lake on the slopes of Mt. Annupuri near Hanazono. This small lake fills with meltwater after winter which is said to shine like a mirror. Kagami-Numa is accessible by foot from the Annupuri hiking trail.

Oyunuma Pond

Oyunuma Pond is a large, natural hot-spring located directly next to Yukichichibu Onsen. The pond has a 200m circumference and about 1,000L of water flows out of the pond each minute. Bubbles of volcanic gas can be seen continuously heating the pond with steam rising from the surface of the water.

Lanlan Park

Lan Lan Park is a large park in Rankoshi Town that sits alongside the famous Shiribetsu River. There are a large number of Cherry Blossom trees making this a popular spot when the trees are flowering. This wide-open park is a great place for picnics as well as watching the Shiribetsu River flow by.


Shinsen-Numa is one of the most popular sights to see in the area surrounding Niseko. This large marshland can be easily accessed on foot via dedicated boardwalks and offers stunning views of the unique landscape.

Shiba Sakura Garden - Mishima San's Garden

This large garden is filled with beautiful Shiba Sakura flowers that bloom each year from the end of May to the start of June. The amazing garden is owned and tended to by Mishima-san who lives right next to the garden. Car parking is located next to the local sake brewery, and visitors are asked not to park at the garden itself.

Goshiki Information Centre and Lookout

The Goshiki Information Centre offers views across a unique volcanically scared landscape mixed with lush green hills. The famous Goshiki Onsen is located near the information centre as well as Niseko Campsite. This information centre sits at the trailheads to both Mt. Iwaonupuri and Mt. Annupuri trails and is a great place to enjoy the views.

Annupuri Summer Gondola

Enjoy amazing views of the Niseko area and surrounding mountains with a ride on the Annupuri Summer Gondola. Be whisked up the mountain and experience real mountain air.

Hirafu Summer Gondola

Soar over the green hills of Grand Hirafu in the Hirafu Summer Gondola. The gondola starts at .Base in Hirafu and reaches the famous thermometer offering visitors stunning views of the entire Niseko area.

Kanrosui - Spring Water

Fresh, natural water flows from the Kanrosui Spring and was once visited by the Emperor and Empress of Japan. After drinking from the spring, the Emperor declared the water had a natural sweetness or “Kanro”. From then on this spring was named Kanrosui Spring. Visit this historic location and try the very same spring water that the Emperor of Japan enjoyed.

Niseko View Plaza

Niseko View Plaza is full of fresh, locally grown produce, wonderful restaurants, and Niseko souvenirs. This is a hub for tourists all year and is especially popular in the summer. Visit Niseko View Plaza to find out what Niseko is all about.

Niseko Panorama Line

Drive on Niseko’s most famous road – the Niseko Panorama Line. This scenic route runs from Niseko all the way to Iwanai through some of the area’s most beautiful landscapes. The winding road offers great views and passes by famous landmarks and mountains.