About Niseko Tourism

The Niseko Promotion Board (NPB) is a non-profit, member-based marketing and sales organisation representing the Niseko area.

Est. 2007

Formed in 2007 The Niseko Promotion Board is responsible for promoting the destination as an international, four-season destination with the goal of increasing overnight visitation.


Niseko promotion boards represents more than 400 members who own, manage and operate properties or businesses in Niseko area including hotels, restaurants, activity operators and retail shops.


16 elected individuals and 5 appointees represent the various sectors and interests on the 21 member Board of Directors. Directors are nominated every two years.


Membership fees are the primary source of funding for the world-wide marketing and sales initiatives that the Niseko Promotion Board manages and directs, supplemented by net income from sponsorship, advertising and funding.

Niseko Tourism Key Objectives

Brand Awareness

Increase Niseko Tourism Visibility

Commercial Partnerships

Create New Revenue Opportunities through Commercial Partnerships

Value to Members

Grow Membership - Providing Value, Member Benefits & Fees


Sustain and Improve The Experience of Visitors and Community - Going Green


Position Niseko As The Best Resort in Asia

Four Seasons

Increase Database and drive year-round visitation

Niseko Tourism Key Strategies

  • Develop print and digital marketing material
  • Partner and sponsorship development
  • Develop agent and media relationship management and support tools
  • Development of online profile through investment in website optimisation, online advertising and social media campaigns
  • Global media relations
  • Market research projects
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Create and promote local events


Ensure that year round tourism achieves its full potential as a strategic growth industry and becomes a cornerstone of the Niseko region economy, generating income, employment and investment for the benefit of the entire region.

The areas of focus of the NPB

  • Destination Marketing
  • Ongoing research
  • Identifying target markets
  • Increase visitation

Niseko Tourism Membership

Niseko Tourism (formerly known as Niseko Promotion Board) was established on 7 September 2007 to fulfil a need for tourism promotion across Kutchan and Niseko towns. The vision of Niseko Tourism is for Niseko to become Asia’s premier year-round, resort lifestyle destination. To ensure the sustainability and continued growth of this tourism economy, Niseko Tourism brings its members and the region together, presents a clear strategic roadmap and creates a unified promotional position.

Want to become a member?

Niseko Tourism Members

As Niseko evolves, Niseko Tourism continues to show leadership and direction in relation to marketing and brand positioning. Niseko Tourism is focused on growing its global reach and providing an effective platform for its members to engage with new and existing markets. Niseko Tourism is a non-profit member based organisation and is funded predominantly by its members.

Key Benefits for Members of Niseko Tourism

  • Website listing on Niseko Tourism website directory
  • Opportunity to advertise in wine and dine and mobile app
  • Preferential rates on advertising in other Niseko Tourism marketing collateral
  • Access to ‘Members only” content available on the Niseko Tourism website; including member only events, reports, weekly newsletters, and resources such as an image library.
  • Media and trade database access.
  • Access to an allocated amount of promotional literature and print collateral produced by Niseko Tourism including Wine and dine etc.
  • Access to a selection of statistical research information and analysis produced by Niseko Tourism and regional / national tourism organisations
  • Access to locals discount card program
  • Opportunity for inclusion on electronic distribution lists for Niseko Tourism (including newsletters, press releases and articles on website)
  • Opportunity to display brochures in visitors centres
  • Opportunity to participate in Niseko Tourism marketing programs, co-operative campaigns, events, trade shows and familiarization tours
  • Invitation to member only meetings and networking events throughout the year
  • Members can vote for representatives on the Board of Directors at the AGM
  • Create job listings on the recruitment page of the Niseko Tourism website
  • Opportunity to be involved in local government discussions
  • Exclusive access to Niseko Tourism Members Portal which includes resources, news, reports and more useful information
Niseko Tourism Member
Niseko Tourism Strategy Plan

Affiliate Program

Niseko Tourism welcomes companies that have an interest in Niseko and can contribute to the growth of the brand through their marketing efforts or deliver a service that adds value to the overall resort experience. The affiliate program is open to select companies only that are able to show a direct or indirect value to the resort, the members or the overall strategy.


Affiliate applications will be considered by any company able to demonstrate that their service or product will add value to the Niseko brand or overall guest experience and does not conflict with any current member offerings. Any company wishing to become an affiliate must full fill the following;

  • Must operate a business or service in Niseko
  • Product or service must enhance the Niseko experience
  • Must have a valid operating license
  • Must encourage new business to Niseko

Key Benefits for Affiliates of Niseko Tourism

  • Website listing on directory page
  • Opportunity to advertise in Niseko Tourism marketing collateral
  • Access to content available on the Niseko Tourism website; including member only events, reports, weekly electronic newsletters, and services such as an image library.
  • Opportunity to participate in select Niseko Tourism marketing programs, co-operative campaigns and events.

Make the Most of Your Membership

The best way to make the most of your membership is to discuss your goals with the Niseko Tourism team to find out how we can best help your organisation. The following are just some of the ways you can make the most of your Niseko Tourism membership.

Improve SEO

Share web-ready articles, news and information with Niseko Tourism, including links and keywords that you wish to rank for.

Marketing & Branding Strategy

Use Niseko Tourism reports and data to assist your marketing team in developing marketing strategies, customer personas, data analysis, and make data-driven decisions

Local Promotion

Target customers in resort by taking advantage of advertising space in Niseko Tourism print media such as Wine & Dine, and digital media such as the official Niseko App.

Maximise SNS

Use the Niseko Tourism media library to supplement your own SNS strategy. Reach out to Niseko Tourism to share important information or campaigns.

Public Relations (PR)

Improve your PR strategy and allow Niseko Tourism to introduce your marketing team to Press and media from your target markets. Attend Niseko Tourism networking events and participate in sponsored famil and media trips. Share press releases and important news with Niseko Tourism to share with our existing network

Members Portal

Exclusive access to reports, news and important information. Manage your directory listing and post job listings to the Niseko Tourism jobs section.

Representative Directors

  • Takanori Kikui (Niseko Annupuri Ski Resort, Hokkaido Chuo Bus Co., Ltd. Director and Managing Executive Officer)
  • John Barton (Niseko Taproom - Owner)
  • Patrick Ohtani (The Luxe Nomad, COO)

Executive Director

  • Hideo Okada (H2 Group KK - Accommodation Division Manager)

Supreme Advisors

  • Hiroji Inoguchi (Shirabeshi General Sub prefecture Bureau)
  • Kazushi Monji (Kutchan Town Mayor)
  • Kenya Katayama (Niseko Town Mayor)
  • Hideyuki Kon (Rankoshi Town Mayor)


  • Mitsugu Uehara (Uehara Certified Tax accountants)
  • Satoshi Yoshida (Satoshi Solicitor and Legal translation office)


  • Tatsuya Uchida (Tokyu Resorts & Stays Co., Ltd. Niseko Area Managing Director)
  • Kentaro Hoshi (Nihon Harmony Resorts Co. Ltd Sales & Marketing, Creative Director)
  • Panch Ratnavale (Niseko Village Resort Manager)
  • Ben Kerr (Niseko Real Estate KK CEO)
  • Greg Hough (Explore Niseko Managing Director)
  • Kris Lund (Niseko Media KK Managing Editor)
  • Ian MacKenzie (Niseko Wow Owner)
  • Scott Mountford (Niseko Management Service)
  • Tomomi Nishimura (Rhythm Japan)
  • Ioanna Morelli (Little Door)
  • Paul Wright (Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono)
  • Dennis van den Brink (DNA)

Membership Application

Become a member and support tourism initiatives in the area. If you have any questions about membership, please contact us.

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