Niseko Media Support

Niseko Tourism can assist in providing support for media visiting Niseko.

About Media Support

Niseko Tourism is able to provide support in a number of different ways for media and publications. Niseko Tourism is often able to assist in coordinating visiting media with local businesses to ensure that all content can be collected efficiently and successfully. Additionally, Niseko Tourism has a large in-house Niseko image library to support publications from around the world. We also can assist with familiarisation trips from travel agents around the world. If your publication or agency requires any Niseko stock images or any other support, please contact us.


  • If representing a publication, please provide a proof of intent to publish. This may be in the form of a letter from the publications editor or producer.
  • Proof of all publications is to be provided to Niseko Tourism soon after publication. At least one copy of any printed material must be delivered to the Niseko Tourism office. In the case of digital media (including social media) a link can be sent by email.
  • Please note that not all media requests that include contra deals can be accommodated.

Niseko United Media Pass

To request permission and media lift pass(es) to shoot and film in the Niseko United Ski Resort, please review the following:

About Media Passes

Niseko United All Mountain Passes are available for media use to shoot and film within Niseko United Resorts. (Niseko Annupuri Ski Resort, Niseko Village, Niseko Grand Hirafu, Niseko HANAZONO Resort). Please note: All Media Passes are issued at the discretion of Niseko United. You can find out more information on the Niseko United website.


Please note any violations of the following rules will result in the cancellation of your passes and refusal to use any resort facilities in the future.

  • Please always follow the Niseko Rules
  • Ski patrols instructions must always be obeyed.
  • Do not enter off limit areas under any circumstances.
  • Do not obstruct/interfere with other resort users.
  • Do not intentionally cause avalanches/ slides.
  • Do not damage buildings, vehicles.
  • Do not interfere with ski patrol, resort staff.
  • Do not perform any acts of violence.
  • Do not film in off limit/public areas.
  • Do not commit any act contrary to the law or public policies of Japan.
  • Do not use Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) within the Niseko United Ski resort boundary.

You agree to take responsibility for any problems/accidents caused whilst creating your media content.