Niseko Media Pass

I request permission and media lift pass(es) to shoot and film in the Niseko United Ski Resort for the publishing and broadcasting proposed.

About Media Passes

Niseko All Mountain Passes are available for media use to shoot and film within Niseko United Resorts. (Niseko Annupuri Ski Resort, Niseko Village, Niseko Grand Hirafu, Niseko HANAZONO Resort).
We ask that you read and understand the following requirements before proceeding.

01.Media definition and Media passes

  • Media definition: Involved in either Newspaper, Television, Magazine, Web site, Film, DVD etc and have a wide reach to promote Niseko United.
  • Media passes may be provided to those directly involved in creating the media content. ie. Producers, directors, editors, writers, photographers, performing skier/riders etc.

02.Conditions of the provision of media passes

  • The ¥1,000 deposit by cash will be required in advance to rent the lift pass. The deposit will be refunded when you return it.
  • Newspaper, Television, Magazine, Website etc: The broadcasting/publishing of the content must be assured prior to your visit to Niseko. Please always specify the article/footage location (ie. Niseko United/ Resort name).
  • Film, DVD etc: The sale or distribution of your content must be assured prior to your visit to Niseko. The content must feature Niseko United and please always specify the article/footage location (ie. Niseko United/ Resort name).

03.Media pass duration and ticket numbers

The duration and numbers of Media pass will be determined upon the examination of NFP meeting and it shall be issued for 10days at longest.
Please note that the decision in the examination will be made by 4 companies of NFP and the issue is subject to the agreement of all of them.

04.Notification of completed content

You agree to notify Niseko United once your content is complete and provide copies, a link or scanned data for our future reference. Failure to do so will result in us invoicing you the full amount of lift tickets provided and denial of any future requests.

05.Media Pass applications

Applications must be made at least 10 days in advance from the media pass starting date.

06.Review of your application

You will be contacted by a representative via email to let you know whether or not your application has been successful.


Please note any violations of the following rules will result in the cancellation of your passes and refusal to use any resort facilities in the future.

  • lease always follow the Niseko Rules
  • Ski patrols instructions must always be obeyed.
  • Do not enter off limit areas under any circumstances.
  • Do not obstruct/interfere with other resort users.
  • Do not intentionally cause avalanches/ slides.
  • Do not damage buildings, vehicles.
  • Do not interfere with ski patrol, resort staff.
  • Do not perform any acts of violence.
  • Do not film in off limit/public areas.
  • Do not commit any act contrary to the law or public policies of Japan.
  • Do not use Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) within the Niseko United Ski resort boundary.

You agree to take responsibility for any problems/accidents caused whilst creating your media content.