Cooking Experiences in Niseko

Join Niseko’s cooking classes and elevate your culinary skills with the region’s fresh produce. Learn Japanese cooking techniques and take home new knowledge and recipes to impress your friends and family.

Niseko offers several cooking experiences where expert chefs guide you through hands-on classes. Please note that prices and information may change, so contact each provider directly or visit their websites for the latest details.

Cooking Experiences & Classes in Niseko

Niseko Gourmet

Classes are relaxed, delicious, and always hands-on. Our menus are simple, seasonal, and fun. Our chefs and an English-speaking assistant come to your property, arrange the kitchen, and conduct a memorable cooking class. We provide all the ingredients and necessary equipment required for the session.

  • Bookings: Email [email protected] to book
  • Note: Bookings Required
  • Hours: 10:00am to14:00pm
  • Tel: +81(0) 80 5498 9821

Park Hyatt Kid's Pizza Cooking Class

Designed to inspire young chefs and ignite their passion for the culinary arts, our Kids’ Pizza Cooking Class is a fun and interactive cooking programmed. Under the guidance of our Italian-trained chef, children will learn the art of making delicious pizzas from scratch. From kneading the dough to selecting fresh toppings, each step is a chance to explore flavors and unleash creativity.

Niseko Green Farm - Pizza Making

Niseko Green Farm offers a fun pizza workshop using local ingredients and is fired in a wood stove. This is a great experience for both kids and adults and is held directly on a farm which grows fresh vegetables.