Cherry Blossoms in Niseko

During springtime in Niseko, cherry blossoms throughout Niseko start to bloom. There are a number of great cherry blossom viewing spots in the region, with stunning pink cherry blossom trees filling the area.

Each year the cherry blossoms start to bloom around Golden Week – one of the most popular holiday periods in Japan.

Cherry Blossoms typically start to bloom towards the end of April with full bloom around the start of May.

Make sure to check the Japan Meteorology Agency website for official forecasts and the latest information.

Cherry Blossom Locations in Niseko

Twin Cherry Trees – Niseko Town

The Twin Cherry Trees of Niseko are set against an awe-inspiring backdrop of Mt. Yotei and is one of the most impressive landscapes in the area.

This spot is accessible by car along a long driveway and there are a few car spaces to park. When visiting, make sure to view from a distance without stepping onto the farmland.

  • Open: Spring to Autumn
  • Note: Parking is limited

Miyama – Niseko Town

Miyama is a small park with many Cherry Blossom trees and a clear view of Mt. Yotei. Visitors can enjoy a quiet stroll around the park and take in the incredible Niseko scenery.

Parking spaces are limited, but there is usually parking space.

There are a number of cherry blossom trees at this park and is a great spot to relax and enjoy the view and cool spring weather.

  • Open: Spring to Autumn

Arishima Memorial Museum – Niseko Town

The Arishima Memorial Museum in Niseko Town is surrounded by a number of large cherry blossom trees and offers unimpeded views of Mt. Yotei.

The museum also has a high lookout point which offers visitors stunning views of the area. The museum also has excellent natural history displays and artworks.

Lan Lan Park – Rankoshi

Lan Lan Park is a large park in Rankoshi Town that sits alongside the famous Shiribetsu River. There are a large number of Cherry Blossom trees making this a popular spot when the trees are flowering. This wide-open park is a great place for picnics as well as watching the Shiribetsu River flow by.

Makkari Shrine

Makkari Shrine is located at the foot of Mt. Yotei and is one of the best places in the region for viewing cherry blossoms. Through the large tori gates, there is a path lined with large cherry blossom trees that leads to the main shrine.

This display is made even more impressive by the natural backdrop of Mt. Yotei. Parking is available just off the main road opposite the tori gates.

Shiba Sakura Garden - Mishima San's Garden

This large garden is filled with beautiful Shiba Sakura flowers that bloom each year from the end of May to the start of June. The amazing garden is owned and tended to by Mishima-san who lives right next to the garden. Car parking is located next to the local sake brewery, and visitors are asked not to park at the garden itself.