The North Face Presents: DESCENDANCE

Dennis Ranalter is one of the world’s most respected freeride skiers, his playful style and technical ability earning him a wide fan base and the widely used moniker: D-RAN.

Yet away from a name that showcases his self-assurance on the steep slopes of Austria, Dennis’s struggles with identity run deep. At its heart, the question of race and what it means to be black in a sport that remains predominantly and conspicuously white.

Descendance is Dennis’s story, a personal journey of self-exploration that examines his relationship with his own skin colour, with those closest to him and all those who share his love of skiing.

It’s a journey that takes him from his home valley in Austria to Accra, the capital of Ghana, shining a light on the power of family along the way.

Produced by: Legs of Steel
Directed by: Michael Haunschmidt
Co-Directed by: Mathias Kögel
Executive Producer & Content Developer: Phil Young
Principal Cinematography & Editing by: Michael Haunschmidt & Mathias Kögel
Music & Sound Design: Matthias Müller
Color Grading: Manuel Portschy
Art Direction & Animations: Fabian Fuchs

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