KAMIMURA Partners with IGURU - Now Delivers

French fine-dining delivered to your home!
KAMIMURA launches delivery service to Kutchan & Niseko Town

~Partnering with Niseko's food delivery service "IGURU"~

“KAMIMURA” (Location: Niseko Hirafu-area, Hokkaido, Chef: Yuichi Kamimura), is pleased to announce a new delivery service with local business “IGURU”, bringing KAMIMURA meals to homes in Kutchan-cho and Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun.

We have created a meal-kit that allows our guests to easily recreate the tastes of the restaurant awarded one star on ‘Michelin Guide Hokkaido 2017 Special Edition’ at home. As COVID-19 precautions and restrictions continue, we are excited to offer our guests the option to enjoy a special and relaxing meal at home or at a local hotel or guesthouse.


KAMIMURA「Our Delivery Service」

  1. The service is available the entire area of Kutchan & Niseko town at a fixed price 1,000 yen per delivery, you can choose the date and the time to deliver.
  2.  Chef Yuichi Kamimura himself researched and designed recipes most suitable for delivery, focusing on replicating the taste of the restaurant. We only offer a carefully considered menu that we can deliver with confidence.
  3. All the dishes you receive are in pre-made kits, with everything you need, even the seasonings. The
    process is simple, just “warm and serve”. Not only is it possible at home, but also when you are staying in hotels or apartments where cooking utensils and equipment are likely to be restricted. You can prepare a French fine-dining meal at home in just a few minutes!

Background Story of The Project

KAMIMURA is located in “Shiki Niseko” in the center of Niseko Hirafu, and until now, we have mainly
served guests in our restaurant who come from both Japan and overseas.

However, due to the impact of COVID-19 over the past year, we have reduced our restaurant capacity to avoid over-crowding and ensure the safety of our guests. As a result, we have heard from many guests that they “would love to enjoy KAMIMURA at home.” In December of last year, we began selling the dinner meal kits to guests staying at the Chatrium Hotel and a small number of other accommodations nearby.

Now, we are partnering with IGURU to deliver KAMIMURA to private homes and accommodation providers throughout Kutchan and Niseko from 24th March 2021.


How/When to use the service.

  • Celebrate a special moment, such as an anniversary with a delicious dinner at home.
  • Create a memorable evening during your vacation in Niseko, without leaving your accommodation.
  • Gift a delicious meal to family or friends who live and stay in Niseko.

* As the meal is cooked in hot water, you will need to prepare a pot of boiling water and a pot when you are ready to enjoy the dish.

About “IGURU”

We will offer this delivery service through a partnership with “IGURU”, who provide food delivery services in the Niseko area. In addition to KAMIMURA, IGURU offer meals from other local restaurants in Niseko and can also deliver a supermarket shop direct to you. If you want to purchase the KAMIMURA menu together with other products, you can order directly from the IGURU website.

【The Ordering Options】

  1. Select “Delivery” from the order screen of the online store KAMIMURA at HOME.
    * You can also choose to pick up at the store or shipment. https://kamimura-100302.square.site/
  2. Order directly from IGURU. https://www.igurujapan.com
  • Delivery fee: 1000 yen (tax included) per case
  • Delivery date and time: Thursday – Sunday 15:30 to 18:00 can be specified.
  • Delivery area: Kutchan-cho and Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

【Our Products】
Braised Hokkaido Wagyu with Red Wine with Niseko Potato Puree
Price: 3,000 yen per kit (190g)incl. Tax
Best Before: One week from the delivery date or the next day after defrosting.
Storage: Store in the freezer
Manufacturer: KAMIMURA GK


  • A wonderful main dish that heroes, Japanese Wagyu beef from Hokkaido. The beef is simmered until it is soft and in delicious harmony with the red wine sauce. It is accompanied by a potato puree using local Niseko potato “Danshaku” and sea salt.
  • The sauce is a homemade recipe with a variety of local vegetables and veal from Hokkaido boiled down to intensify the flavor. The recipe includes the Japanese beef soup stock inherited from the father of Chef Kamimura, who has been running a restaurant for over 50 years, and red wine from Hokkaido (Zweigelt from Yoichi). It is simmered slowly until the water is gone to produce a rich flavor.
  • The potatoes used for the puree are from Niseko “Masuhara Farm”. Grape seed oil is used to bring out a\light and smooth texture. To finish off, sprinkle with Maldon sea salt, which has a history of more than 200 years in England and produces a mellow salty taste.

* To prepare the meal, warm the pack containing the food in a hot water bath.
* No preservatives are used. Consume as soon as possible after opening.

Niseko ‘Zeitaku’ Tomato and Hokkaido Seafood Soup
Price: 2,500 yen per kit (250g)incl. Tax
Best Before: One week from the delivery date or the next day after defrosting.
Storage: Store in the freezer
Manufacturer: KAMIMURA GK

Kamimura Take Out

  • A stewed bouillabaisse soup that uses the best locally-sourced seafood such as scallops, shrimp, crabs, clams, and white fish. We deliver it with a homemade basil oil, extra virgin oil and croutons for toppings.
  • Beginning with the chef’s selection of seasonal fish, crustaceans, and shellfish that are harvested at fishing grounds in the local coastal waters and finishes with herbs and spices such as Niseko’s “Zeitaku (luxury) tomatoes,” white wine, oregano, and basil, that bring their rich sweetness and sourness to the dish. All carefully simmered together to extract the perfect balance of flavors.
  • While delivering the richness of the seafood, the fruity finish of tomatoes adds a smooth texture to each bite. We recommend you enjoy this dish with a glass of cold white wine. Don’t forget to also order our homemade potato focaccia to soak with the last of the delicious soup!

* To prepare the meal, warm the pack containing the food in a hot water bath.
* No preservatives are used. Consume as soon as possible after opening.

Kamimura Truffle Butter
Kamimura Bread

We are also offering for delivery, our “Truffle Butter” (2500 yen) and “Potato Focaccia” (800 yen, both including tax), which are both loved as table butter and table bread in our restaurant.

About Owner Chef・Yuichi Kamimura
Yuichi Kamimura was born in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. After studying cooking philosophy and techniques at “Tetsuya’s”, one of the most revered restaurants in Sydney, Australia, he returned to Japan.

After running a restaurant in Sapporo, he opened the French restaurant “KAMIMURA” in 2007 in Niseko, an international resort where domestic and foreign tourists gather.

A creative French menu that uses abundant mountain produce and seafood from the magnificent Hokkaido as inspiration to incorporate the essence of Japanese and French cuisine.

Kamimura Restaurant awarded one star on “Michelin Guide Hokkaido 2017 Special Edition” and also won 2 hats in “Gault Millau 2021”.

We continue to provide each dish with ingredients from the beautiful nature of Hokkaido, and the charm of the rich ingredients of each season.

kamimura portrait

【Restaurant Information】
ADDRESS: First Floor, Shiki Niseko, 190-4 Yamada, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
URL: https://www.kamimura-niseko.com/
【Delivery Company Information】
COMPANY: Away2 Japan GK
ADDRESS: 208-44 Takasago, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
URL: https://www.igurujapan.com
【Inquiry for our Delivery Services】
KAMIMURA at HOME ※Online Shop
URL: https://kamimura-100302.square.site/
PHONE: 0136-21-2288
e-mail: [email protected]

Kamimura at home QR code

【Contact for this news letter】
PHONE:0136-21-2288 / MOBILE : 090-7642-0466
e-mail:[email protected]

2021 Niseko Shootout Short Film Festival Drive-in Cinema Wins Big!

The new event arises from COVID-19 crisis and showcases the unique spirit of Niseko to the audience around the world.

The Niseko Shootout organisers have done it again! The third annual Niseko Shootout Short Film Festival was projected on a 10m x 8m screen made of snow by local volunteers and was also broadcast internationally via YouTube Live on Saturday night, March 13th, 2021.

In all, there were 20 films entered from all over the world including U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Estonia, France, Scotland, etc and 18 films were shown during the fun-filled 2hr show hosted by Niseko Tourism Director John Barton and DMO Assistant Lily Vivas. Local filmers, judges, media and winners were able to join as guests, carpool style and shared their experience with the audience.

Only a limited number of people and cars were able to attend due to COVID-19 safety precautions.  Over 120 live viewers joined the event online during the night and over 1300 viewers have rewatched of the show since it aired.

The Niseko Shootout is now officially partnered with the Mountain Film Awards at Tigne, Verbier and Morzine. The winners and a few special films will be handpicked by Mountain Film Awards organizers and will be showcased on their website.

This year’s winning film was “What’s Your Name in Japan”, a 5-minute-long film directed by Julien Mazard showcasing all the excitement Japan has to offer: driving Mario kart on the street in Tokyo or dressed up as “Powder” Rangers and riding the Niseko Powder.

Taking second place was “Meaning of Snow” by Erica Tripp.

And in third place was “I am Niseko” by Darren Teasdale & Elsie Nielson from Niseko Photography.

The live show and all the films can be watched on the Niseko Tourism YouTube channel.

The Niseko Shootout Photography competition winners were also announced during the live event. The contest is a season long photography competition with entries made via the hashtag #nisekoshootout on Instagram. This winter there were over 1,200 photo entries in the three categories – Ski, Snowboard, Landscape.

2020-21 Niseko Shootout Winners (View all photos on Nisekoshoot Instagram)

Skiing Category Snowboarding Category Landscape Category
1st Place:@alister.buckingham 1st Place:@vivividedede 1st Place: @thejameswinfield
2nd Place: @mac_jp 2nd Place: @toshi_pander 2nd Place: @rujigallery
3rd Place: @ruairidhs 3rd Place: @96_taka 3rd Place: @applejak_jo

1st Place Landscape


1st Place Skiing


1st Place Snowboarding


Make sure to follow Niseko Shootout Instagram Account & Niseko Tourism SNS Platforms (FacebookInstagram & YouTube) to find out more about the Niseko Shootout Summer contest.

Thanks again to all our sponsors & partners and until next year!

Sponsors/Partners: Niseko United, Powderlife ,Roko Skis, Gentemstick, Oyuki Japan, Rhythm Japan, Niseko 343, Boots Solution, Yama Plus, Iwanai Resort & Icelandic Skis

Michelin-starred KAMIMURA Restaurant in Niseko, Hokkaido Official Launch of Online Sales in Response to Truffle Butter Requests

Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation, please enjoy the delicious bread and butter from Hokkaido at home.

KAMIMURA Restaurant (Location: Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, Chef: Yuichi Kamimura), is a 1-star French restaurant in Niseko, an international resort that boasts some of the best nature in Hokkaido. KAMIMURA team is proud to launch the online sales of their Truffle Butter, which has been loved by customers ever since they first opened.

KAMIMURA team has decided to sell their products online this year in response to requests from guests saying that "I can't go to a restaurant, but I want to enjoy the memorable taste at home”.

KAMIMURA Truffle Butter - 3 features

1. The unique scent that cannot be replaced with any ingredients is the individuality of truffles. A well balanced blend of fresh French black truffles and Italian black/white truffle oils so that you can enjoy the lingering taste.

2. Our focus is on "eating bread deliciously." The butter has a smooth texture that is enhanced with the taste of fresh mushrooms, the depth and strength of aged cheese and the elegant flavor of truffle.

3. All ingredients except truffles are from Hokkaido. Using unsalted butter from "Yotsuba Hokkaido" made from Tokachi's raw milk, Tokachi's high-quality mushrooms "Tokachi Mush", and hard Tantaka cheese from "Shiranuka Daikeisha" in Shiranuka Town.

Background of launching online sales

KAMIMURA Restaurant has been providing Truffle Butter as table butter since opening, and it has been so popular that many domestic and foreign customers who visited the restaurant have requested "I want to take it home", as a memory of Niseko. We have not previously sold the butter outside the restaurant, as we wanted to keep it unique to the dining experience. However, as the number of tourists has decreased due to the ongoing influence of COVID-19, many guests have told us "I can't go to restaurants, but I want to enjoy the memorable taste at home. I want to give it as a gift to my family and friends”. Chef Kamimura decided to sell it online for the first time in response to such requests from our quests. With restrictions placed on going out, we hope that everyone can enjoy eating our bread and butter at home, reminded of the charms of Niseko and Hokkaido. And we hope that our guests are able to visit Niseko again someday soon!

Niseko Tourism Website

Niseko comes to life online via new official website

Niseko Tourism's new website is now available in 3 different languages and more great functions to help you plan your next trip!

Niseko Tourism invites past or potential visitors to immerse themselves in Niseko’s four seasons via their new website which launched today.

The site acts as the central source of official information for tourists, and matches the modern atmosphere of Niseko.

Niseko Tourism Marketing Director Acme Wu says it is designed to create an immersive experience with a focus on high quality imagery of the Niseko area, as well as provide official up to date information on news and events.

“Visitors will be able to discover different aspects of Niseko as they navigate through each page of the site, and get a feel for the Niseko brand and holiday experience,” she said. 

Niseko Tourism Website

The new site is designed to carry out Niseko Tourism’s core aims for visitors:

  • Inspire tourists to visit Niseko
  • Help potential visitors plan their trip
  • Help guide tourists who are already in Niseko

Information about Niseko’s seasons and most popular activities has been expanded and made much more accessible. 

Website navigation has been greatly improved making it much easier to find information such as activities, onsen, and how to get to Niseko. 

Additionally, a new “plan a trip section” has been added to provide useful tools for visitors to plan and customise their trip. 

plan a trip

The website has been made available in three languages – English, Japanese and Chinese. Chinese was not available on the old website, and was added due to the ever increasing number of tourists visiting Niseko coming from Chinese-speaking countries.

The Niseko area is popular with tourists from all over the world, and this new website was designed to appeal to an international audience as well as the Japanese market.

The site is integrated with a Chatbot virtual assistant which answers questions to help visitors before they arrive or when they are here.

About Niseko Tourism:

Niseko Tourism is the official destination marketing organisation for the Niseko area. It is a non-profit, member-based marketing organisation that was established in 2007 and now represents over 400 members in the region. It was selected as the 32 important DMO of Japan Tourism Agency in August, 2020.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: (+81)136-21-2551

COVID Inspires Niseko Ski Resort to Build Giant Snow Screen for Drive-in Film Festival

A 10 x 8 metre wall of snow will form a pop-up drive-in movie screen for the Niseko Shootout Short Film Festival this Saturday night (13 March).

More than 18 Niseko-centric short films will be streamed live around the world from the festival, which will have Niseko’s Mt Yotei volcano looming as an epic backdrop to the event.

Niseko is Japan’s premier international ski resort, famous for its abundant, dry powder snowfall every winter.

Niseko Shootout Organiser Winse Heyward said there was more than enough snowfall this winter to form the giant screen.

“To the end of February we’ve had about 15m of cumulative snowfall,” Heyward said.

“They actually need to load excess snow in the village into trucks and drive it to snow dumps, so there was no shortage of snow around to make this screen.

“It’s the first time we’ve done the Niseko Shootout Short Film Festival like this – previously we held it indoors at the Hanazono resort base centre and had more than 400 people attend.

“Because of COVID we needed to think outside the box – necessity is the mother of invention and now we have this unique new event.”


Crowd numbers at the event are limited to ensure COVID-19 safety.

The event will be hosted by Radio Niseko Announcer and Niseko Tourism Director John Barton, and Niseko Tourism DMO Assistant Lily Vivas.

This year’s films were submitted from within Japan and internationally from France, Scotland, Estonia, Australia, USA, Canada and more.


To watch teasers or join the livestream go to Niseko Tourism’s Youtube channel.

Stay up to date with Niseko Shootout by following Niseko Tourism on: Facebook & Instagram.

View 2020-21 Niseko Shootout Winners photos at Niseko Shootout’s Instagram account.


Update: Watch the replay of the live broadcast event on YouTube:


About Niseko Shootout

Niseko Shootout is the official Niseko Tourism photography and film competition series. It incorporates winter and summer Instagram-based photo competitions, with photos hashtagged #nisekoshootout eligible to win; the 4-day winter Niseko Shootout ProAm photography competition; and the Niseko Shootout Short Film Festival.

About Niseko Tourism:

Niseko Tourism is the official destination marketing organisation for the Niseko area. It is a non-profit, member-based marketing organisation that was established in 2007 and now represents over 400 members in the region. It was selected as one of the 32 most important DMO's in Japan by the Japan Tourism Agency in August 2020.


Niseko Tourism

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (+81)136-21-2551

Niseko Photo Book Released

Remote winter landscapes and the world-famous snow of Hokkaido can be shipped around the globe this winter thanks to a new photo book out of Niseko.

Published in the midst of international travel restrictions, Between Air & Water is the second Hokkaido photo book by Australian photographer and long-time Niseko resident Aaron Jamieson.

It is the first in a set of four books Jamieson plans to release in coming years – each will celebrate one of Hokkaido’s four distinct seasons.

Winter and Hokkaido’s mythical snow – a medium “between air and water” – is the central theme of the first book.

Jamieson says it is a hand-picked collection of some of the most poignant winter-season photos he has taken over 15 years living in and exploring Hokkaido.

“There is so much to Hokkaido, in many ways still a wild frontier that it would take several lifetimes to explore and this is what inspires me to continue the sojourn and continue sharing what I’ve been lucky to have seen.

“I wanted to take readers on a journey across the island during the unique winter months, through landscapes that most people would never see. Documenting the beauty of Hokkaido’s winters can be challenging and sometimes outright torturous, this only makes sharing these images all the more rewarding.”

Between Air & Water is available in Niseko at AJ Gallery and Gentemstick Niseko Showroom.

It can be ordered online with free international shipping via @AJgalleryniseko on Instagram or by emailing [email protected].

Press inquiries:

Aaron Jamieson

Phone/Whatsapp: +81(0)80-4044-9693

Email: [email protected]

Website: aaronjamieson.com

Niseko Black Takes Over Management of Villas in Annupuri Village

Niseko Black is delighted to announce they have taken on the management of eight premium villas in Annupuri. These properties were formally managed by Annupuri Village and are located a short 6 minutes walk from the Annupuri Gondola.

The eight villas in Annupuri are an excellent addition to the Niseko Black portfolio with sizes ranging from three to eight bedroom.

Niseko Black has been operating a high end Concierge, Ski School and Accommodation booking business (2020 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice) for 10 years and two years ago added Property Management - complimenting its existing businesses and as ever enabling them to give their customers and owners a continuously seamless, integrated offering.

Ben Harding, CEO of Niseko Black, who has lived in Annupuri Village for 12 years said "Growing our Property Management business with a high end portfolio plays into our strengths. We will bring the same level of focus and excellence that we have brought to our concierge and snowsports businesses and be able to continue to offer the best experiences Niseko and Hokkaido have to offer."

These Annupuri Village Villas can now be booked through NIseko Black via the links below

- Kiraku (8 bedroom, 8 bathroom)

- Taiko (5 bedroom, 5 bathroom)

- Creekside (4 bedroom, 3 bathroom)

- Snowbird (4 bedroom, 3 bathroom)

- Gumlu (3 bedroom, 3 bathroom)

- Shirakaba (3 bedroom, 2 bathroom)

For further information on Niseko Black`s services or a press pack, please email [email protected] or call 0136 55 5852

Calling Japan’s Most Glamorous to Niseko this Winter

This year it's Japan's turn to enjoy international slope style!

Niseko has become the winter playground for the rich and famous across Asia, and this year it’s Japan’s turn to glam up in the snow and experience this internationally renowned winter destination.

Niseko Tourism’s latest video campaign taps into Japan’s newfound love for glamping and other glamorous winter activities.

While COVID-19 has halted international travel, Niseko wants to let Japan know they can head “overseas” to Hokkaido for a taste of world-class glitz and glamour this winter.

The video showcases all aspects of the only modern, international ski resort in Japan, says Niseko Tourism Marketing Director Acme Wu.

“After playing in Niseko’s world-famous powder snow, Japanese visitors in the video enjoy après drinks at European cocktail bars and stay in luxurious chalets and lofts,” Wu says.

“Due to COVID-19, condos and chalets usually occupied by international celebrities have been left vacant this year, so the video takes a sneak peek at our domestic guests enjoying their stay at these accommodations."

“Because celebrities value privacy, many Niseko properties have their own private indoor or outdoor onsen – the level of luxury has to be seen to be believed. You don’t even need to ski or snowboard to enjoy Niseko these days – there’s plenty more to do on and off the snow, and it’s a dream for anyone wanting to post on social media."

“This year travelers in Japan have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see why the rest of the world has fallen in love with Niseko, and we are excited to welcome them”, Wu says.

Niseko Tourism Representative Director Ross Findlay said the organisation was pleased the video would highlight what makes Niseko one of the best international winter destinations.

"We're very proud to put out this great video," Findlay says. "This winter we've had fantastic snowfall almost every day, making it an unforgettable winter for the domestic visitors who could join us here in Niseko. We're looking forward to welcoming more guests from across Japan  - hopefully along with international visitors next winter as well."

The theme of the video is “Glamorous Snow” – the term “glamorous” relates to the surreal, luxury atmosphere of Niseko. The ski season usually runs until Golden Week.

Contact us for image gallery.

A 15-second teaser of the video can be seen below (the full version will be released soon).

About Niseko Tourism:

Niseko Tourism is the official destination marketing organisation for the Niseko area. It is a non-profit, member-based marketing organisation that was established in 2007 and now represents over 400 members in the region. It was selected as the 32 important DMO of Japan Tourism Agency in August, 2020.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: (+81)136-21-2551

Niseko Tourism News

Niseko Resort Area Partners with Leading Tech Giant

Niseko Tourism has boosted its digital marketing power after partnering with one of the world’s largest technology companies, Salesforce.

Niseko Tourism is the official destination marketing organisation for the internationally renowned resort area of Niseko, and works to promote Niseko on behalf of its members.

The use of the Salesforce technology will allow Niseko Tourism to better understand the needs of visitors, and assist local government and business to better meet those needs.

Niseko is the most internationally renowned resort in Japan, with contemporary buildings, modern chair lifts and a primarily international visitor base.

The resort is making sure to stay at the forefront of the Japan tourism industry by incorporating cutting edge technology into their marketing strategy.

This decision is in line with the area’s goal of becoming a Smart Resort, with services and marketing on par with international resorts in the USA and Europe.

Salesforce has collaborated further with Niseko Tourism by creating a video about the area and its use of the technology. The video features the stunning Niseko landscape as well as local businesses.

Niseko Tourism Representative Director Takanori Kikui, Managing Director of Chuo Bus company, which owns and operates Niseko’s Annupuri International Ski Resort, was also featured in the video.

“Our goal is to delight visitors in Niseko and inspire them to come back again and again. We’d like to make sure visitors to the area are satisfied as well as developing services by digitising data and unifying the area to make Niseko even more attractive.”

The project has gained local and international attention. A Salesforce speaker featured the project and video in an online seminar in December 2020 organized by the U.S. Embassy in Japan, which was also supported by the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA).


Niseko Tourism was able to undertake this ambitious project with assistance from Niseko Tourism Zone and support from Kutchan Town, Niseko Town, and Rankoshi Town.

Link to the video on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIJmsjKN9yw 

Contact us for image gallery.

Download the official press release PDF here.

About Niseko Tourism:

Niseko Tourism is the official destination marketing organisation for the Niseko area. It is a non-profit, member-based marketing organisation that was established in 2007 and now represents over 400 members in the region. It was selected as the 32 important DMO of Japan Tourism Agency in August, 2020.


[email protected]



Introducing H2Group

Your Lifestyle Real Estate partner in Niseko and Furano.

We are excited to introduce to you H2Group.  

Hokkaido Tracks and HakuLife, recognized as the best in their respective fields, and bringing to you nearly 20 years of experience and success stories in Hokkaido, have joined forces, rethinking the way owners and guests buy, sell, build, invest and stay in properties.

These two company’s capabilities combined will bring an elevated experience to real estate, property development, property management, and hospitality to anyone seeking to achieve aspirational lifestyle goals.

H2Group’s mission is to create sensational memories for their owners, guests and clients alike. Through their positioning of Lifestyle Real Estate, all areas of real estate, may it be someone purchasing a new property, building a dream home, having one’s property managed and kept in pristine condition, and holiday seekers simply renting a room or property, H2Group’s focus is to overlay all our products and services with a lifestyle element to it, and delivering the highest level of customer service, ensuring a seamless, enjoyable customer experience throughout their journey and interaction with H2Group.

Lifestyle Real Estate products and services will be delivered through our 3 key business units below:

Key Busines Units Service & Product Details
H2 Real Estate With amongst the largest real estate portfolio in Hokkaido, we are your team in Hokkaido. Property hunting can be fun and stress free as we will hold your hand, while we source, negotiate and carry out due diligence on your dream property.
H2 Projects Building your dream home, a large scale development or anything in-between, has never been easier. With more than 200 properties in our CV, and the most experienced and qualified team in the region, you can leverage on our wealth of knowledge to bring your project into reality. We are here with you every step of the way from concept to completion to create that magical space you have always wanted.
H2 Life Continuing the thread of making your life stress free while enjoying your investment in real estate, H2Life provides both Property Management Services (to owners) and Hospitality Services (to owners and guests)
Under the Property Management umbrella, we will look after every aspect of your property while you are away, from bill payments to grounds keeping, and everything in-between. This ensures that your investment is well looked after and attracts the yield it deserves over time.
As to Hospitality Services, we have more than 60 properties from the HakuLife Collection, H2 Luxury Collection and the Signature Series to cater to all guests with different preferences and expectations for their holiday accommodation, coupled with personal butlers, itinerary curation, All-Niseko Pass privileges amongst many other services.

They look forward to being your Lifestyle Real Estate partner in Niseko and Furano whenever you are ready!  Drop in and visit them at their Niseko office to find out more, or email them at [email protected] anytime if you would like more information on any of our offerings.

We invite you to Rethink Real Estate, Rethink Development Management, Rethink Hospitality – think H2Group.

About H2 Group

H2 Group, your lifestyle and development partner in Japan,  is a merger of two disruptive Niseko pioneers, Hokkaido Tracks Resort Properties and HakuLife. With over 20 years of combined experience, the H2 Group mission is to deliver sensational memories to our owners, guests, and clients.

We invite everyone to Rethink everything Real Estate!  Rethink Buying and Selling properties, Rethink Development Management, Rethink Property Management, and Rethink Hospitality.

We do this through our expertise in developing and building luxury homes and commercial projects and through curating exquisite holidays that evoke the senses. We elevate the experience of buying and selling real estate, and work with our owners to protect their investments via our leading asset management capabilities.

With the one single focus in helping owners, guests and clients achieve the aspirational lifestyle they deserve, our prized team is passionate in creating sensational memories for them.   Our team comprise of talent from 17 countries, speaking 20 languages, and each of them has the passion and expertise to achieve this mission, both through their in-depth local knowledge of Niseko and Furano, and delivering unparalleled service to everyone under their care.

H2 Group services include:

  • Project and Development Management
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Asset Management
  • Holiday Rentals and Lifestyle Experience Curation

For more information, please contact:

Hideo Okada

Assistant General Manager

Email: [email protected]