Let Your Tastebuds Bloom with Spring at MUWA NISEKO

Please your tastebuds with Michelin-starred gastronomic adventures at MUWA NISEKO, the newborn star in Grand Hirafu which opened its door in December 2023, providing 113 luxury rooms and wellness indulgence in all seasons.

Two gems to be uncovered on the resort’s Lobby floor include HITO by TACUBO, an all-day Italian restaurant spearheaded by Daisuke Takubo, owner-chef of TACUBO, which was listed with one star on Michelin Guide Tokyo for seven consecutive years since 2016.

The signature Hokkaido Beef Sirloin Steak prepared on sizzling woodfire, along with other coveted dishes that select only the freshest seasonal ingredients, will delight even the most discerning connoisseurs.

For those who crave for the finest beef, Sukiyaki Kappo Hiyama is a traditional Japanese fine-dining spot not to be missed. With over 10 consecutive Michelin star awards, HIYAMA from Tokyo prides itself for its specialty dish, sukiyaki, which features meaty-melty premium Kuroge Wagyu beef seasoned with homemade sauce and matching Hokkaido vegetables.

Let omotenashi, or the unparalleled Japanese hospitality, take your dining experience to the next level.

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