Niseko Takahashi Farm Announces Local Chocolate Brand

CacaoCrown Niseko Chocolate

"Milk from our Own Ranch x Cacao Beans Roasted In-house"

Niseko Takahashi Dairy Farm (also known as Milk Kobo) has announced a new line of chocolate products under the new brand “Cacao Crown”.

All the products are made locally from cacao beans imported from around the world. Each type of bean brings it’s own individuality and flavor offering a rich experience with each bite. The beans are processed locally and crafted together with Takahashi Dairy Farms very own milk using their own special recipe.

Cacao Crown will be offering a variety of products including, chocolate bars, ganash, chocolate milk jam, cacao nibs, soft cream, and more. All these products and more can be found at Takahashi Dairy farm where a new cafe space has been added for Cacao Crown products. The Cacao Crown cafe was opened to the public on April 26.

For more information make sure to check out Cacao Crown’s website.