Niseko Tourism worked together with TREASURE IN STOMACH.Co (Sapporo, CEO: Arisa Shibata), with the aim of broadcasting and promoting the charms of Niseko.

The video showcases the agricultural products and other specialty goods from Niseko area in a Youtube channel called 『愛里沙の北海道暮らし』(Arisa’s Life in Hokkaido).

Vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free recipes are popular amongst foreigners who visit/live in the Niseko area. The original vegetarian/gluten-free recipe that uses Niseko products, was devised to suit the area’s characteristics.

■Youtube Video Released on July 17th (Fri)

Using Niskeo’s products, the video showcases 3 different recipes – “Gluten-Free Cake Sale”,  “Vegetable Soup” and “Ginger Pudding”.

・Gluten-Free Cake Sale

Ingredients include potatoes and zucchinis from Niseko town and the cheese from Takahashi dairy farm.

・Turnip and Sasage Soup

It is a very simply seasoned soup that kids and elders can also enjoy. The sole seasoning is salt, as the vegetables from Niseko provides a naturally rich and delicious taste.

・Ginger Pudding

Ingredients are ginger syrup (fragmented ginger), milk, and beet sugar.

Gelatin is not used because it hardens with the ginger syrup’s enzyme and milk’s casein.

The ginger pudding is a traditional dessert from Hong Kong, so Niseko visitors/residents from Hong Kong can make this dessert using Niseko’s local products.

■ Niseko Products

・Turnip, Zucchini, Sasage: Niseko View Plaza

・Gynger syrup: Hand made by the owner/chef of 杏ダイニング

・Cheese: Takahashi dairy farm

・Potato: (Kutchan Potato)

■ Recipe Blog

Details of each recipe will be uploaded HERE

■ About “Arisa’s Life in Hokkaido”

Supported by:Hokkaido Tourism Association URL: Youtube channel  “Arisa’s Life in Hokkaido” is supported by Hokkaido Tourism Association, and showcases the great nature of Hokkaido and recipes using its products.



  • CEO: Arisa Shibata
  • Confectionery manufacture and sales for vegan, Muslims, and people with allergy.
  • Content production and operation.
  • Established in 2017, April
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