Life in Japan Made Easy

New Foreign Resident Support Platform, Sumimasen.Life, is Launched

The word “Sumimasen” is used frequently by Japanese people when they ask someone something & it is the first word that many learn when visiting Japan. It can mean ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ & be used interchangeably.

New foreign resident support platform adopts the word Sumimasen & has been launched with the goal of making life here in Japan more comfortable for foreigners. Sumimasen.Life provides knowledge & simple tips necessary for living in Japan, as well as convenient services (with affordability in mind) to make life in Japan more simple & enjoyable.

“Through all of my experiences in Japan plus interactions with foreign residents, I figured how hard our public office system is and I had a light bulb moment. I believe your life in Japan isn’t going bad but I want to make it even better by launching this service because I believe we can help each other living in this island nation.” – Takato Hatsuyama, Founder of Sumimasen.Life

The Sumimasen.Life website makes understanding necessary processes in Japan very simple through the use of their “Living Handbook”. Taxes, vehicle registration, insurances, housing information and much more is laid out in a manner in which anyone can easily understand what needs to be done.

The team at Sumimasen.Life hope that with their tips, life here in Japan is made much easier.

For enquiries, contact Takato Hatsuyama