Rhythm Japan Announces Trips by Rides for Ultimate Mountain Experience

Rhythm Japan, a pioneer in outdoor rental, retail, and lesson/guiding services, proudly introduces a ground-breaking addition to its portfolio with Trips by Rides. This innovative offering promises an unparalleled Niseko experience, seamlessly combining accommodation, transfers, and the renowned Rhythm Japan services into a comprehensive and convenient package.

Rhythm Japan has been a trailblazer since its establishment in 2005, providing world-class outdoor solutions and instilling a deep appreciation for the mountain lifestyle in its customers. The new Trips packages further elevates this commitment to new heights, ensuring that guests enjoy every facet of their mountain journey.

“We’re thrilled to unveil Trips packages, a true embodiment of our passion for the mountains and dedication to customer satisfaction,” says Tareesa Straatmans – Rides Director at Rhythm Japan. “These curated packages allow guests to fully immerse themselves in the Niseko experience, while our expert team takes care of every detail.”

Trips offer a range of enticing options, catering to diverse preferences and interests. Whether it’s the high-level instruction of the Niseko Progression Tour, the family-friendly amenities of the Ultimate Family Tour, the exhilarating backcountry adventures of The Japow Experience, or the skill-boosting Learn To Ride Taster, there’s a package tailored for everyone. 

One of the standout features of these packages is the flexibility they provide, with accommodation tiers that allow guests to customise their stay based on their desired level of comfort. Guests can also take advantage of various upgrade options, including trips to nearby resorts, additional guests, equipment and room upgrades, and more.

However, what truly sets Trips packages apart is that when you pre-book you are promised guaranteed access to Rhythm Japan’s dedicated local rental & retail team, and expert Rides instructors & guides, even during peak season period. This ensures an unparalleled level of seamless service and expertise throughout your trip, delivering a true insider’s perspective of Niseko.

The Rhythm Japan team, comprised of individuals who live and breathe the mountain life in Japan, are passionate about sharing their unique insight and expertise with guests. “Our goal with Trips isn’t just to offer a convenient travel solution,” explains Tareesa. “It’s about creating an immersive, authentic Niseko Experience that only our local team can provide.”

Established in 2005, Rhythm Japan offers everything customers need to embrace the ultimate mountain experience. Year-round lessons, guiding, retail, and rental offerings are paired with knowledgeable local staff who share their expertise and passion for unforgettable experiences. In Summer, the Niseko flagship store also serves as a community activity hub, featuring skate and climbing facilities, workspaces, and more.

Rhythm Japan’s in-resort facilities and services are exemplified in the newly released Trips packages, which connect the dots to provide customers with the most convenient and memorable mountain experiences on offer.

Rhythm Japan is proud to be part of the evo family of brands. evo is a global outdoor retailer and experiences company with 11 evo stores in the U.S. and Canada, and global retail via evo.com. The evo family also includes travel and recreation businesses; evoTrip, evo Hotel, All Together Skatepark (Seattle and Salt Lake City), and Callaghan Country in BC Canada. Together, Rhythm and evo provide global access to experiences focused on sport, culture, the outdoors, and human connection.

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