Remote winter landscapes and the world-famous snow of Hokkaido can be shipped around the globe this winter thanks to a new photo book out of Niseko.

Published in the midst of international travel restrictions, Between Air & Water is the second Hokkaido photo book by Australian photographer and long-time Niseko resident Aaron Jamieson.

It is the first in a set of four books Jamieson plans to release in coming years – each will celebrate one of Hokkaido’s four distinct seasons.

Winter and Hokkaido’s mythical snow – a medium “between air and water” – is the central theme of the first book.

Jamieson says it is a hand-picked collection of some of the most poignant winter-season photos he has taken over 15 years living in and exploring Hokkaido.

“There is so much to Hokkaido, in many ways still a wild frontier that it would take several lifetimes to explore and this is what inspires me to continue the sojourn and continue sharing what I’ve been lucky to have seen.

“I wanted to take readers on a journey across the island during the unique winter months, through landscapes that most people would never see. Documenting the beauty of Hokkaido’s winters can be challenging and sometimes outright torturous, this only makes sharing these images all the more rewarding.”

Between Air & Water is available in Niseko at AJ Gallery and Gentemstick Niseko Showroom.

It can be ordered online with free international shipping via @AJgalleryniseko on Instagram or by emailing [email protected].

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