Kammui.com Welcomes International Adventurers to Its Japan Based Nature-experience Platform

Kammui.com, the innovative Japanese experience platform, is a curated marketplace of delightful outdoor experiences that encompass a wide variety of carefully selected adventures, from private meditations in Kyoto to backcountry skiing in Hokkaido.

Originally launched in Japan only, the Kammui.com platform is now open to all international adventure enthusiasts, with Japan offering an incredibly rich and diverse set of nature-based activities that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime – but preferably, many times over!

Why is this important? Japan’s indigenous religion, Shinto, is characterized by a deep reverence for nature and the natural world, emphasizing the interconnectedness of humans and nature. Shinto teaches that humans are an integral part of the natural world and should strive to live in harmony with it, and the Kammui team believes that, in our modern, digitized and urbanized world, there is an increasing need to reassert our connection with nature. Scientific research continues to confirm that a connection with nature has important physical and mental health benefits, and so Kammui’s mission is simple: to create optimal pathways back to nature, leading to health, spirituality and sustainability.

Kammui was launched by Japanese-British entrepreneur Maximilian Mackee in 2022, inspired by Max’s love for backcountry snowboarding in the mountains of Japan.

The Kammui experience platform is the result, and provides its community with direct and seamless access to nature through its experienced guides and authentic nature based experiences, and with the pandemic now well behind us, seeing both domestic and international travel roaring back to life, people across the globe are seeking to reconnect with nature as never before.

Japan’s mesmerizing natural landscapes are amongst the world’s finest, and Kammui.com capitalizes on this in a genuinely authentic way, matching global adventure seekers with unforgettable experiences that are beautifully blended with Japanese culture.

For those seeking an even more curated and personalized experience, the company has given a sneak peek of Kammui+, which adds a new membership tier that even more discerning adventure seekers wanting the highest quality experiences will want to explore.

However, the Kammui.com platform is absolutely seeing the desire to reconnect with nature in passionately authentic ways, and we are excited to welcome not only our valued domestic users, but the global adventure seekers back to Japan to experience the best that Japan has to offer.

Not only does Kammui contribute to sustainability initiatives in partnership with Leave No Trace Japan, but Kammui is  working with a number of global ambassadors to help highlight Japan’s incredible nature. Kammui’s newest ambassador is the James Beard award winning Californian chef and author Stuart Brioza.

“Kammui takes adventure experiences to the next level, offering  deeper meaning and connection to a brilliant range of  Japanese nature experiences. Our upcoming Kammui+ service will enhance this even further, but we welcome you with open arms to see the Kammui experience platform for yourself, and to make sure you’re not missing out on the incredible world-class experiences Japan has to offer,” says Max Mackee,  Japanese-British founder of Kammui.

Kammui is proud to be backed by a number of influential individuals in the Japanese culture scene, including designer and artist Hiroshi Fujiwara, soccer star and investor Keisuke Honda, renowned product designer Ian Spalter, notable economist Jesper Koll and many more.

Kammui invites outdoor enthusiasts to visit the website at and for those interested in even more, to explore Kammui+.

About Kammui:

At Kammui, we believe in the transformative power of nature and the profound impact it can have on our well-being and spirituality. Launched in September 2022, Kammui partners with over 100 of the finest guides and operators across Japan to curate a diverse range of premium activities that allow people to connect with nature in memorable ways.

Kammui+ builds upon this solid foundation by offering access to a private concierge service, exclusive experiences and events and discounts from outdoor brands and other partners. Committed to environmental stewardship and responsible travel, Kammui+ aims to redefine outdoor experiences and foster a vibrant community while helping more people integrate nature into their lives.

Kammui+ members will also gain access to private members-only properties across Japan. These partner properties include Tokyo Classic Camp, Eat Play Works, Sunset Park Club, and Village Inc.

About the Founder

Maximilian Mackee

Max is a Japanese-British entrepreneur, lawyer and DJ who lived in Tokyo until the age 9 before moving to Europe. After graduating from the University of Nottingham, Max practiced as a lawyer in the U.K while running a music label and Djing.  Upon returning to Japan in 2006, he fell in love with the mountains of Japan through backcountry snowboarding. Max started Kammui.com in 2022, with the aim to connect more people to nature and positively impact health, spirituality and sustainability.


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