The Japanese language printed version of Summerlife is now available in Niseko.

Published by Niseko Media, Summerlife is the sister publication of Niseko’s famous Powderlife magazine, and is designed to introduce the green season to domestic and international visitors.

The Japanese version of the magazine is distributed here in summer in order to target domestic Japanese visitors. There are many Japanese magazines that have information on Niseko, but Japanese people are drawn to Summerlife’s unique international character and local insight.

Niseko Media owner Kris Lund says the printed Japanese version of the magazine also always brings a smile to the faces of local Japanese.

“All our friends who are in the magazine – and all their friends – are always so happy to pick up the Japanese version of the magazine and read all the articles about their fellow townspeople and places in their own language,” Kris says.

“The most rewarding part of making this magazine is when we see people reading and enjoying the magazine, whether they are Japanese or from overseas.”

Meanwhile the English version of Summerlife is published and distributed in Niseko in winter – when the world is here. Niseko Media believes this is the most effective time to target international visitors.

“Sending magazines all over the world is expensive and harder to reach intended targets. By distributing Summerlife in Niseko in winter, the world is here and they already know about Niseko and falling in love with the culture, the food and the lifestyle here.

“This is the exact time we want to show them Niseko has three other amazing seasons and a whole range of other holiday opportunities outside winter. By bringing these people back in other seasons, we’re hoping to bridge the fluctuation in summer/winter tourism numbers, thereby creating year-round employment opportunities which will benefit the economy of the region.”

Powderlife was Niseko’s first English magazine and is the only independent and most widely supported magazine in winter. 25,000 copies are distributed in Niseko in winter, placed in most rooms and in businesses across the resort. 7,000 copies are distributed to target markets internationally.

Powderlife and Summerlife are published online in three languages – English, Japanese and Chinese. Read online at and