NEXCO EAST Hokkaido Branch (Sapporo City Atsubetsu Ward) is under constructionE5AA section (extension 23.3 km) from Shimo (Shiribashi) Motorway's Yoichi (Good) Interchange (IC) to Otaru (Otaru) Junction (JCT) will be opened on Saturday, December 8, I will let you know as it became. The outline of this opening section and the expected opening effect are as follows. 【Opening section】 Yoichi (good) IC (Yokocho cho climbing Yokochi gun, Hokkaido) ~ Otaru (Otaru) JCT (Otaru shinkoicho in Hokkaido) [Extension] 23.3 km For other language information, please check from HERE!!    (Japanese, 简体 中文, 繁體 中文, ภาษา ไทย, 한국어) October 19, 2018 East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. Hokkaido branch office