Major roads which were closed during winter around the Niseko area will open as the following schedule.  The schedule is subject to change due to bad weather or occurrence of snowslides.

  • Road 66(aka Panorama Line): Oikomi, Kyowa-cho – Yunosato, Rankoshi-cho
    –> scheduled to open after Golden Week holidays
    Inquiry:Otaru Construction Management Department Kyowa Branch, TEL:0135-62-1818
  • Road 58(aka Echo Line): Hanazono, Kutchan-cho –  Road 66, Niseko Goshiki Onsen
    –> scheduled to open on May 27
    Inquiry:Otaru Construction Management Department Makkari Branch, TEL:0136-45-2136
  • Road 32(aka Niseko-Toyoura Line): Scheduled to open on May 30
    Inquiry : Rankoshi Construction Management Department Toya Branch, TEL: 0142-76-2111