Hokkaido government ShiriBeshi office calls for companies that are keen to offer th international working environment for interns.

1.Accept as interns in operations not as part-time worker.
2.Provide international work environment.
3.Preferably provide accommodations during the program.
4.Allow to participate in official program which government organized.

Term of employment
【Summer program】
During July – September including the official term 6th Aug – 5th Sep

【Winter program】
During December – March including the official term 5th Feb – 6th Mar

【Summer program】
6th May 2018

【Winter program】
9th Sep 2018

You can download application requirements the following site.


Yusuke Araki
Hokkaido government ShiriBeshi office
Email:[email protected]
TEL  :0136-23-1419
FAX  :0136-22-0948