Brand new! We’ve set up a geisha bar in Kutchan.

This is a fun and cheap way to meet a geisha for those on a budget. the Geisha Bar is No.27 in the Kutchan section of the Niseko Resort Map.

Please refer to the PDF file.

Geisha school

Aithough geisha training is usually secret, the Niseko Geisha are allowing tourists to come to see lessons from 1:30PM to 3:30PM. Children are welcome.
You’ll be able to see geisha practice singing, shamisen, flute, drums and dancing.

Please refer to the PDF file.


We also offer our regular banquets.
There are two styles:
1. The geisha can visit you at your ski lodge (with or without a catered dinner).
2. You can come to kutchan for a traditional Japanese meal in a beautiful restaurant with geisha entertainment.

To hire her as an entertainer, to take a geisha lesson, please contact.

[email protected]

TEL: 090-6046-9708