Having become an international race from this year, the 3rd UCI Niseko Classic rally will take place throughout Kutchan-cho, Kyowa-cho, Rankoshi-cho and Niseko-cho on Sunday, 10 July. Since the full-scale road races of 140 km and 70 km courses are penetrating the towns, partial traffic controls are scheduled to be implemented in the region.

We are sorry to trouble all of you in the area and appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Should you have any questions on this matter, please contact the executive committee office on 0136-55-6081. A road map (6.58 MB of PDF) with details of the traffic control can be downloaded here.

Outline of the traffic control:

  1. Because of expected traffic jams, please refrain from entering with vehicles in the designated courses during the race as much as possible.
  2. Please note that, even at the controlled sections where two-lane roads are available, vehicles cannot move forward in the same direction as the race.
  3. When the racers are approaching, making right turns/U-turns and crossing the road are prohibited.
  4. There may be slight changes in the control schedule depending on the race situation. Please follow the instruction of the traffic controller at the scene.
  5. When passing racing bikes on the road, please drive slowly and carefully to maintain road safety.