Looking for the perfect holiday celebration with your friends and family? Embrace the holiday spirit with our handpicked selection of restaurants that promise to transform your celebrations in Niseko! From cozy corners to chic establishments, the curated list caters to every taste.

Shabu Shabu Mori

Discover the essence of Japanese hot pot dining at Shabu Shabu Mori where quality meats, fresh vegetables, and flavorful dipping sauces come together in a communal feast. 


The new dining spot in the heart of Hirafu! Indulge in the richness of A5 Wagyu beef and the fresh premium seafood for your festive celebrations. 


Experience the joy of communal dining at Kanpai, your go-to destination for all-you-can-eat Japanese hot pot. Perfect for families and large groups, the welcoming ambiance and spacious setting plus free shuttle transportation is a great option for your holiday.


Celebrate the festive season with Graubunden, your one-stop delicious baked goods for holiday delights! From delectable cakes to scrumptious sandwiches, Graubunden has it all to make your holiday even more memorable. 

Jojo’s Cafe/Izakaya

Conveniently located in the heart of Hirafu, this season Jojo’s Cafe – which serves coffee and burgers during the day – transforms into Izakaya at night, showcasing fresh seafood from the region.


POPI’s, the renowned Singaporean eatery, has made its debut in Niseko, offering a delectable cuisine using the local ingredients. Immerse yourself in a dining experience that captures the essence of Niseko’s vibrant flavors at POPI’s.

Discover the diverse dining scene of Niseko with our curated selection of exquisite restaurants from Wine and Dine. Elevate your culinary journey and explore to enjoy the holiday to the fullest with your loved ones in Niseko!