New Restaurants and Bars for 2023/24

As the snow blankets Niseko’s stunning landscape, a culinary renaissance unfolds with a host of brand-new restaurants and bars debuting for the first time. Renowned for its gastronomic excellence, including Michelin-starred establishments, Niseko continues to captivate food enthusiasts from around the globe. Explore close to 20 new additions to Niseko’s vibrant dining scene in our comprehensive list below!

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Japanese Cuisine

Hirafu Area


Indulge in light snacks at AYA KITCHEN during the day and exquisitely presented meals in the evenings. From pizzas and hot pots to seafood, AYA KITCHEN offers a diverse selection of exciting options, alongside regular meal choices, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all tastes.


Dan, the newly opened Japanese restaurant operates exclusively by reservation, offering a chef’s Omakase course paired with a curated selection of fine wines and Japanese sake. Each dish is crafted with care and attention to detail, promising a culinary experience that delights the senses.


Hiyama proudly presents traditional Japanese cuisine, maintaining a Michelin star for an impressive 10-year streak since 2011. Delight in our course featuring carefully selected ingredients sourced from Hokkaido and various regions across Japan.

Hito by Tacubo

Immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere featuring authentic Italian cuisine prepared using wood-fired cooking techniques at Hito by Tacubo. These deceptively simple cooking methods bring out the true essence of Italian flavors, creating a dining experience that captures the heart of Italy right here in Niseko.


Experience the exquisite flavors of carefully selected A5 Wagyu beef and fresh seafood at Yakiniku Kuroushiya, featuring a diverse menu with many course options. Try pairing the exquisite yakiniku dishes with the finest sake, creating a unique blend of flavors.

SHIRAKABA by Naniwatei 

Indulge in a culinary journey at SHIRAKABA by Naniwatei, the newly opened Hokkaido Kaiseki Restaurant in Hirafu. Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine with a carefully crafted course menu featuring the finest seafood, crab, Wagyu, and fresh vegetables, showcasing the best of each ingredient for an exceptional dining experience.

Sushi Isono Niseko

Experience the renowned Sushi Isono from Sapporo now in Niseko. With a decade of adoration and experience in Sapporo, Sushi Isono is committed to impeccable service to ensure every visitor in Niseko has the best sushi experience possible.

Ramen & Bar Momiji-zaka 46

Explore a diverse range of dishes at Ramen & Bar Momiji-zaka 46 with Japanese meals from ramen and sushi to tempura and seafood grills. Elevate your dining experience with their expert bartender, who will craft the perfect drinks to complement your evening and enhance the overall enjoyment of your meal.

Sushi Yume by Sase

Come and experience Sushi excellence by Chef Sase, renowned for ‘The Focus of Sushi Craftsmanship’ at Sushi Yume by Sase. With skills honed at Sapporo’s world-renowned restaurant ‘Sushizen,’ Chef Sase brings a mastery of sushi that promises an exceptional culinary journey.

Shabu Shabu Mori

Introducing Shabu Shabu Mori, a shabu shabu hotpot restaurant using high quality ingredients in a cozy setting. Enjoy savory broths, premium meats, and refreshing vegetables for an exceptional dining experience.

Annupuri / Moiwa Area

Niseko Kamakura Yakiniku

Experience a unique Japanese dining experience at Niseko Kamakura Yakiniku, where you can enjoy Japanese Yakiniku inside an igloo – a truly unique experience found nowhere else. Enjoy the extraordinary setting, adding an unforgettable touch to your visit to Niseko.


Satisfying and delicious meals featuring curry rice and Hamburg steaks crafted with premium Wagyu beef at IZAKAYA MISEN. At IKIGAI BAR, enjoy special Japanese beef sukiyaki paired with Sake. They are both located in the new building called NISEKO Hykrots.

Other Asian cuisine


Discover Yoteizanka, the latest Chinese dining experience in Niseko. Enjoy classic dishes like Typhoon Shelter-Style Fried Crab, Spicy Chilli Pepper Chicken, Sichuan Boiled Beef, Sweet and Sour Fish, and Mapo Tofu, prepared with fresh ingredients and authentic Chinese culinary expertise.

Rob Photons – Vietnamese Street Food

Indulge in a tasty selection of Vietnamese dishes and desserts at Rob Photons at Half Note, where seated dining is available from 3-9pm daily (walk-ins only). For a quick Pho to go, take advantage of our takeaway and bar snacks service until 11pm, conveniently picked up from the side window.

Delivery / Catering

Niseko Food Deli

Niseko Food Deli offers the convenience of quality dishes brought directly to your room from the finest restaurants in Kutchan and Niseko. Simply relax and enjoy your time in Niseko without stepping out of the comfort of your accommodation after a day on the slopes.

Mai WineCellar Niseko

Experienced and personalized wine selections delivered to your doorstep by one of the best sommeliers in town. Whether for special occasions, specific menus, or your personal preferences, allow Mai WineCellar Niseko to enhance your dining experience with a curated collection of wines chosen just for you.

Sukiyaki Koga

Discover Niseko’s one and only Kyoto-style sukiyaki, a fusion of fresh domestic Wagyu beef and Kyoto’s traditional cooking methods at Sukiyaki Koga. Immerse yourself in a warm and luxurious dining experience amidst the snowy scenery, perfect for enjoying with family and friends.

Him Kee Hong Kong Hotpot Niseko

Indulge in the exquisite Cantonese Hotpot featuring A5 Wagyu Beef and a diverse array of premium Hokkaido seafood at Him Kee Hong Kong Hotpot Niseko. Enjoy the convenience of Takeaway and Delivery Services with pre-order options.

Caldera Niseko

In the heart of Niseko, Japan, Caldera at The Orchards beckons as a lively gathering spot year-round. Its communal dining ethos shines through with large-format plates and market-driven sides, fostering shared experiences among guests. Accompanied by a carefully curated wine list and inventive cocktails, Caldera transforms into a nightly celebration.

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