Limited tasting available on 23 November 2023 (Thursday, public holiday).

World tea specialist Lupicia (Head office: Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido; President: Hiroki Mizuguchi) has announced that from 23 November 2023 it will start selling a limited quantity of Yotei Sanroku beer produced at its factory in Niseko-cho, Hokkaido.
The limited-time product MICANNE Yotei Beer will be sold at selected Lupicia shops and be made available via mail order, as well as at selected supermarkets, convenience stores and liquor outlets in Hokkaido.

Youtei Beer MICANNE is made from the purée of the French mandarin variety Clementine and the juice of the domestic Onshu mandarin, giving it an aroma and taste as if the sweet mandarin were pressed whole. It is characterised by its bright water colour and even the bubbles are tangerine-coloured. It is rich and comfortable to drink, yet has a very refreshing aftertaste.

It has been designed to have a taste that is less bitter than that often found in beer, so even those who don’t usually drink beer can easily enjoy it as if it were a “kotatsu de mikan” (mandarin orange under a kotatsu).


Product overview:

Lupicia Yotei beer MICANNE Launched 23 Nov 2023 – Limited period and quantity
330ml in bottle, 5.0% alcohol by volume [sparkling wine], refrigeration required (best before 90 days from date of manufacture).
*Allergy-specific ingredients: Wheat.

A Gose-style seasonal fruit ale that harmonises the aroma and sweetness from French mandarins and domestic Onshu mandarins, the subtle saltiness of sun-dried salt and the smooth lactic acid acidity.

Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law; no alcoholic beverages will be sold to persons who cannot be identified as being over 20 years of age. Drinking and driving is prohibited by law. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy or while breastfeeding may adversely affect the development of the foetus/infant.


[Trade name] Lupicia Ltd.

[Established] 17 August 1994

[Number of shops] 134 in Japan, 3 overseas (as of 15 November 2023)

[Business activities] Import, manufacture and sale of tea and tea ware sundries from all over the world, and manufacture and sale of food products.

[Head Office] 436-2, Aza Motomachi, Niseko Town, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, Japan

[Press contact] Lupicia Corporation, Promotion Department (Nishiyama and Otsuji Otsuji)

TEL: 070-7789-7403 (mobile) FAX: 0136-44-1001 MAIL: [email protected]