Travel Advice

Before traveling to Niseko, it is important to check the latest updates and information regarding COVID-19 restrictions. We have put together the following information to help travelers stay up to date. For all official information, please refer to the Japanese Government websites.


Can I Enter Japan for a holiday?

Japan has closed its borders to new international arrivals. Tourists are not currently allowed to enter Japan. Only Japanese citizens, permanent residents, and those with special permission (such as business travelers or students) are able to enter Japan. Additionally, Japan has announced that foreign residents and holders of re-entry permits coming from specified countries will be denied entry. Since Japan has suspended issuing most visas and has suspended visa-free travel, it is not possible for the majority of travelers to enter Japan. See the latest information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan website.

How about quarantine?

Travelers who do enter Japan are required to complete 14 days quarantine at a designated location. Fully vaccinated travelers must instead quarantine for 10 days, and fully vaccinated business travelers for 3 days. You must provide a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to departure and you will also receive a test when you arrive in Japan. Public transport is not allowed to be used during the quarantine period which includes traveling to your quarantine location.

What measures are being taken in Niseko?

Businesses in Niseko have implemented a number of safety measures. Staff wear masks, hand sanitizer is available, clear dividers are often used as well as a number of other measures. A large number of local staff have been vaccinated, and the general infection rate is very low in Japan.

What do I need to do when visiting Niseko?

Follow the New Niseko Travel Journey guidelines. Travelers are asked to wear a mask, wash and sanitize their hands regularly, check their temperature, avoid crowds, practice social distancing, avoid touching souvenirs, and use cashless payments where possible.

Latest News

Check out the latest news and information being published about COVID-19 in Japan.

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