Park Hyatt China Kitchen

Park Hyatt Summer Restaurants

Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono Restaurants Open for Summer

With the summer arriving at Park Hyatt Niseko, we are delighted to inform you of our restaurant opening times:

Olivio opens for lunch and dinner every Saturday & Sunday. Also open daily between June 19-23, July 21-26 and August 7-11 for lunch and dinner.

China Kitchen opens for lunch & dinner every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Also open on June 24, July 19 & 22, and August 9, 12, 16 & 19.

Molière Montagne daily open for lunch and dinner. Weekly closing day: Wednesday, except on August 11.

Sushi Mitsukawa opens for lunch and dinner. Weekly closing days: Wednesday & Thursday. Exceptionally open on July 22, August 11 and August 12.

Teppan opens for advanced reservations for dinner. Weekly closing days are Sunday and Monday.
For more details and reservations, please check the Dining page on our website, Reservations: 0136-27-1234.

2021 Summer Survey

Fill Out 2021 Niseko Survey to Win  Amazing Prizes! (Worth ¥40,000+)

For the 2021 Niseko Summer Survey, Chatrium Niseko, Aya Niseko, Niseko Wow + Niseko Wow Fitness and Niseko Portfolio are partnering up and offering even better prizes for YOU, who is helping us to make Niseko a better year-round holiday destination with your feedback!

Fill out this quick survey below and you might become one of the lucky winners to win a monthly surprise prize (worth ¥40,000 and MORE).

The winners will be announced on the 13th of every month, starting July 2021 through October 2021. So fill out NOW!

By submitting an entry to this NPB Lucky Prize Draw, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of Niseko Tourism, and that you satisfy all eligibility requirements.

Mt Yotei

Skiing Into Mt Yotei's Crater

Skiing into Mt Yotei’s Crater

– Author: Rebecca Speare-Cole, Writer from Mabey Ski

Mt Yotei

Mt Yotei

Mt Yotei is the supermodel of all volcanoes. A flawless Japanese snow cone planted among smaller, lumpier neighbours. From the village of Hirafu, she stands in full view across a patchwork of snowy fields. Known by locals as ezo-fuji – the Mount Fuji of the north island, Hokkaido – she glows rose-pink at dusk, while her deep-blue silhouette guides you home at night with silent surety.

In Niseko, Mount Yotei is the ski challenge on everyone’s lips. But her reputation also reaches skiers around the world. She is known for being one of the few places in the world where you can drop into a perfectly circular volcanic crater. She has neither ski lifts nor buildings. And she only lets skiers grace her slopes when visibility, wind and avalanche conditions are safe.

So, it’s no surprise that the mammoth day trip is among the unmissable entries on Mabey Ski’s 4 volcanoes in 4 days.

Crater of Mt YoteiPreparing to conquer Yotei

I was lucky enough to cross it off my bucket list one Sunday in March 2017. The conditions were perfect to scale the 6,222ft and ski the crater. I teamed up with three other women and we decided to take on the 5-7 hour hike to do just that. Helena was Dutch, Marina was Danish, Louise was Kiwi and I was from central London. We had little in common other than our lack of mountaineering experience and our shared ambition to venture out of bounds. A bunch of guys we knew, who had climbed Yotei a week before, laughed at us as we plotted our route on a map spread across the wooden kitchen table. “You have no idea what you’re in for,” one said.

But with clunky touring skis, a packed lunch and wilful ambition, we stubbornly set out at 4 o’clock the next morning to meet her face-to-face.

Hiking up Mt Yotei


I remember Helena saying: “I think this is it,” as she pulled into an obscure car park at 4am. Up ahead, we could just make out a group of hikers entering the woods with tiny dancing bulbs in their head torches. Peering up into the dark, I could barely make out Yotei’s gargantuan north face. We cowered for a minute or two from the shelter of our warm car seats.

Out in the biting pre-dawn cold, we set off. Mountaineers ahead of us had carved out tracks between the Japanese birch trees and we gratefully skimmed over the slush in their wake. Click-shuffle-click-shuffle – we got into a rhythm and I kicked my skis up with energy into the dark-blue gloom. Saddled with a heavy rucksack, my back soon began to complain and my hands grew clammy. This is not going to be pretty, I thought.

An hour later, sunrise erupted through the trees and cast an amber sheen over layers of white. I remember us talking about how the orange glow was the best psychological fuel. It was not only deeply stunning but showed us that the quilt of snowy fields had fallen far below. We were actually making progress.

By the time we emerged above the tree-line, a searingly bright morning greeted us. We methodically and begrudgingly zigzagged uphill as the heat increased. Steam was radiating off the snow, like rice sizzling on a teppanyaki hot plate.

After four hours of sweat and panting and creaking bones, the slope started rising up to meet our noses – hitting at least a 50-degree angle. At this point, we could no longer skin and it was time to bootpack. We hitched our skis to our bags and almost crawled the remaining 300 metres to the summit, feeling like elderly snails with houses on our backs. Some hikers are faced with terrifyingly steep sheet ice on the final stretch to the top. But not us. Instead, we had to battle mushy snow that crumbled away beneath every single tread, like sinking desert sand.

Skiing into Mt Yotei CraterSkiing the crater

Exhaustion met utter elation as the gradient finally began to plateau and solid ground levelled out underneath our boots.

I dropped my bag with skis clattering into a pile and ran to the crater’s edge. Still out of breath, I stood on the rim of what looks like a magnified china tea-cup. I stared for a moment into its marble-white bowl, triumphant. It was hands down one of the best moments I’ve ever had. Helena joined me and soon we were hugging and congratulating other hikers who made it too. We took photos of the landscape that stretched all the way to the sea.

No skiers had carved into the crater’s sparkling surface yet so we barely breathed before clicking in and dropping in. Imagine 200m of the most-perfect knee-deep fluffy powder imaginable. I could hear Helena’s “wooooooooooooooo’s and ahhh’s” behind me as we floated like feathers, turning side to side until we landed at the centre.

“Unreal,” Helena said as we reached the bottom. We took in the 360-crater walls towering above us before anticipating the climb out.

As we trudged up through the deep snow, skis on shoulders, my legs threatened to buckle many times. They were shot. But we could not resist a second round. I don’t know how I managed to crawl my way up to the ridge again. I had used every bit of energy that my 5ft 2” body could muster and had left none for the long ski to the bottom.

Standing on the peak of Mt Yotei


For some people, the ski down Yotei was the highlight – Japan’s powder at its finest. In the distance, the comforting sight of Niseko beckons warmly too. But the main thing I remember is that my legs shook violently the whole way. My legs were screaming in pain and only allowed me to continue in an odd spread-eagled sort of snowplough.

I also couldn’t forget the Australian snowboarder who we met on the descent and was heading straight to the airport. He waived us off as he surfed towards the highway. We laughed and watched him go.

At the bottom, we quietly took off our skis and wobbled towards the car. We perched on the bonnet and pulled off our boots, wiggling toes and massaging calves while Louise handed out bottles of Asahi.

As we piled back into the car, we still had two more stops to go. First, the old Milk Kobo diary just down the road where we could pick up some gooey Japanese cheesecake. And last, it was onto the Chinsenpuri onsen so we could soak our spent muscles in the hot spring under starry skies.

Skiing down Mt YoteiMabey Ski creates out-of-the-ordinary ski adventures across the globe that push boundaries and challenge the conventional.

Author: Rebecca Speare-Cole is a writer for Mabey Ski and previously worked in Niseko as a ski instructor.

Niseko Shibazakura

Shiba Sakura Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour in Niseko - Mishima-san's Shiba Sakura Garden in Kutchan

Mishima-san’s Shiba Sakura garden in Kutchan is one of the most famous sights in the whole Niseko area. The garden blooms with a sea of pink and white flowers from the end of May to the middle of June. This garden is meticulously cared for by Mishima-san, who owns and lives at the garden.

Now you can experience the joys of walking through this garden yourself virtually. Immerse yourself in this 360 video and look around Mishima-san’s amazing shiba sakura garden.

Interact with the virtual tour by dragging the screen with your mouse or by moving your mobile device around to see the garden from any angle you want. Turn your volume up to hear the natural sounds of the forest and to get the best experience.

This video was made possible with the Insta360 One X2 360 camera.

Shiba sakura garden

2021 Tomo Restaurant Niseko Summer Operation

Tomo Restaurant is Set to Reopen on Saturday, June 5th, 2021.

Great news! Tomo Restaurant Niseko is reopening with a brand new breakfast and lunch menu. Vegetarian or plant based? Tons of great choices available! Hungry carnivore? You are going to love their homemade pastrami, burgers and tacos.

Open this Saturday the 5th June and Sunday then open weekly Wednesdays to Sundays from 8am to 3:30pm located on site at The Orchards Niseko.

Everything on the menu is also available for takeout and lots of new outdoor seating are being installed. Full details at

Check out the NEW MENU BELOW!

Green Saso Green Tea Cafe and Skatepark Open from Spring!

Green Saso and Skatepark Now Open!

Nestled among a white birch forest in Niseko area, Green Saso Green Tea Cafe offers a unique Japanese cultural experience by serving a variety of high quality Japanese green teas and Japanese sweets. You can also find some Japanese craft wares with modern Japanese design in this quaint spot.

Come enjoy Japanese culture in a relaxed and cozy setting.

Currently, the cafe is open Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 12:00-17:30 (L.O. 17:00). Operation hour might change in July for summer. Make sure to check their Facebook for more updates.

The Green Saso Bowl is open 7 days a week: Thursday to Monday 10:00-19:00, Tuesday and Wednesday 12:00-19:00.

The day cost is:

  • ¥1000/adult
  • ¥500/children (junior high school students and under) Season pass ¥10000/adult ¥5000/children (junior high school students and under)

Rhythm Japan Summer 2021 Opening

Rhythm Japan Opens for Summer 2021

Get all the latest summer gear, bikes, and more at Rhythm – and to celebrate the summer opening, Rhythm will be hosting an Outlet Sale with up to 50% off!

Get ready for biking this summer with ex-rental bikes going on sale with sizes for adults and kids. Niseko Bike Stock is limited so get in before they run out.

Opening Hours:

  • June: 8am – 5pm, Friday – Sunday
  • July, August: 8am – 5pm, Every Day

Rhythm Japan
Tel: 0136 23 0164

2021 Rhythm Japan Pump Track

Rhythm Japan Pump Track Open on June 5th, 2021

Rhythm Japan Pump Track is back and open every day this summer.

Hours : 8:00-17:00
Price : Free
Location: Rhythm Base

Reservation not required. Please go to Rhythm Japan store to fill up a basic info form prior to your first visit.
For queries, please contact RHYTHM JAPAN

Phone +81 136 23 0164

Higashiyama Reservist Summer Experiences

Higashiyama Reservists are our team of select experts for our summer lifestyle programmes, exclusively curated for guests of Higashiyama Niseko Village. They have an intimate knowledge of the local environment and natural wonders; and they will lead inspiring journeys to discover nature’s fleeting beauty and create opportunities for independent discoveries during the green season.


  • Full-day guided hike up Mount Yotei with your Reservist (10 hours)
  • GoPro photos produced by the resort
  • Energising packed breakfast and Chef-prepared to-go lunch box
  • Suitable for guests between the ages of 16-65 with very high fitness level

The majestic Mount Yotei dominates the skyline of the Niseko Valley. Immerse in the beauty of Mount Yotei up close with our full-day hike that begins at 6.30am with a shuttle transfer to the base of Mount Yotei. Your Reservist will lead you on this adventurous hike that promises amazing views across the valley to Niseko and Kutchan, and pleasant encounters with numerous varieties of alpine flora and fauna that are packed with local wildlife. You may even hear the drumming of the beautiful Hokkaido great spotted woodpecker and also come across a Siberian chipmunk on the trail.

Savour your relaxing lunch at the top of the mountain where you can marvel at the stunning views of Lake Toya and even parts of Sapporo. Be mesmerised by the rolling clouds as they swirl around the edge of the crater as you enjoy a moment of contemplation and repose, all of these special moments captured beautifully on a GoPro.

After the enjoyable and satisfying hike, take a refreshing sip from Yotei no Wakimizu, the spring in the Yotei Nature Park, where the hike begins and ends.

Experience for up to two persons: JPY 114,000 (inclusive of prevailing service charge and tax)

A 50% surcharge applies for the third person.


  • Full-day guided e-bike adventure with your Reservist (6-7 hours)
  • GoPro photos produced by the resort
  • Chef-prepared to-go lunch box
  • Suitable for guests between the ages of 16-65 with high fitness level

Most famed for its glamorous ski season, Niseko is equally beautiful, if not more so during the summer. Quiet roads, mild summer temperatures and attractive country landscapes make for a perfect e-biking adventure around Niseko, led by your Reservist.

The two-wheeled experience unfolds with a leisurely ride towards the picturesque Lake Toya. Delight in a close encounter with the world’s largest flightless birds at an ostrich farm where more than 60 birds run freely around the ranch. Next on the itinerary is a visit to Makkari Town, most famous for the pork from its pigs, which live an idyllic life grazing on herbs and flowers. Ride on to Lake Toya, the highlight of the day, where you can enjoy your chef-prepared lunch box by the lakeside. Relish in the spectacular scenery that surrounds you before continuing on to the farmer’s market where you can discover a plethora of fresh agricultural products from the Niseko area.

Let your Reservist, the resort’s curator of unprecedented Niseko adventures, inspire you through the authentic and timeless moments amid nature’s fleeting beauty while capturing your adventure on a GoPro.

Experience for up to two persons: JPY 101,500 (inclusive of prevailing service charge and tax)


  • Half-day guided e-bike ride with your Reservist (4-5 hours)
  • GoPro photos produced by the resort
  • Chef-prepared to-go lunch box
  • Suitable for guests between the ages of 16-65 with advanced fitness level

Traverse on the Niseko Panorama Line, one of the famous winding roads in Hokkaido that threads through Niseko’s peaks to enjoy the mountain nature, with a delicious lunch box and a GoPro to capture your personal collection of #RCMemories. Pause for a visit at the historical Kanrosui Spring where in 1954, the Showa Emperor tasted the cold spring water and proclaimed it as “Kanro” or “sweet dew”. Once you’ve had a refreshing sip of the spring water, proceed on to visit the beautiful Shinsen-numa (marsh) located 2,546ft above sea level nicknamed “Where God and Mountain Hermits Live” where the stunning scenery is said to be the best in Niseko.

Next, head on to the Niseko Green Farm where you can glimpse the local farm life and also sample the delicious seasonal produce amidst an authentic and laid-back atmosphere. The final stop on the itinerary is a must-visit in Niseko – the famous Milk Kobo, home to legendary dairy treats namely the rich cream puffs and cheese tarts.

Experience for up to two persons: JPY 89,000 (inclusive of prevailing service charge and tax). A 50% surcharge applies for the third person.


  • Half-day guided e-bike ride with your Reservist (3-4 hours)
  • GoPro photos produced by the resort
  • Chef-prepared to-go lunch box
  • Suitable for guests of all ages with intermediate fitness level

Languid days are just perfect in a setting like splendid Niseko. Experience the outdoor lifestyle with a leisurely half-day cycling tour on Niseko’s long, flowing and peaceful roads with the pristine natural scenery embracing you. Capture your memories on a GoPro as your Reservist leads you on this scenic tour on wheels that begins at the ostrich farm where you can get up close and interact with these magnificent creatures that run freely around the ranch.

Cycle on to the well-known tofu shop Wakimizu no Sato. Savour the delicate handmade tofu and tofu doughnuts amongst other tasty dishes made with fresh spring water from Yoteizan no Wakimizu. Enjoy a respite from the ride with your house-made lunch box before journeying on to the bustling farmer’s market where you can discover rare seasonal vegetables freshly picked that morning and a wide array of Niseko agricultural products.

Treat yourself to Niseko’s well-known dairy delicacies served at Milk Kobo, located next to the farm that produces the milk that is used to create their signature indulgences. From ice cream to the fresh drinkable yoghurt served in their iconic milk jug-shaped bottle, this visit will certainly delight the young and young-at-heart.

Experience for up to two persons: JPY 76,000 (inclusive of prevailing service charge and tax)

A 50% surcharge applies for the third person.


H.I.S. Joins Niseko Tourism

Hokkaido International School Joins Niseko Tourism


We are excited to introduce to you Hokkaido International School- Niseko.  

Hokkaido International School Niseko, opened on January 23rd, 2012 and has become a learning option for both long and short-term expatriate families in the Shirebeshi region. We will celebrate our 10th anniversary in the 2021-2022 academic year.

HIS Niseko is part of the only WASC-accredited, JCIS-member International School in Hokkaido, which has a 62-year history of academic excellence. HIS Niseko will open a Middle School in August, 2021. The school has hired a founding teacher and is to use the International Middle Years Curriculum. (IMYC) 

Milepost 1 and Milepost 3 learn via Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop, SIngapore Mathematics, International Primary Curriculum and Japanese language learning.

Early Years is Reggio Emilia inspired as we focus on transcending the key elements of inquiry-based learning: It is a holistic approach of education which is not child-centred or teacher-directed. The EY “curriculum”is child-originated (emergent) and teacher-framed based on the idea of wonderment. Subject areas encompassed in the emergent program are literacy, numeracy, science, environmental studies, creative expressions, student-based interest learning, and phonics. 

With HIS Sapporo only two hours away, the Sapporo dormitory provides an excellent option for Niseko families whose children graduate from the HIS Niseko School.

HIS Niseko is committed to offering some degree of financial assistance to families that demonstrate financial need in paying tuition.

For more information, please contact:

Liene Lase
Administrative Assistant
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 81 (0)136-55-5252