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Niseko Village Announces Niseko-yo

Embracing the white season with distinction: dive into the world of niseko-yo, where luxury, remarkable gastronomy, and hokkaido's rich culture unfold under renowned snowfall.

As the “Aspen of the East” adorns itself with a shimmering blanket of snow, Niseko Village garners global attention, not just for its snowfall and champagne powder, but for the enriched lifestyle experiences it promises. Central to this year’s winter allure is the unveiling of Niseko-yo, a testament to the harmonious blend of gastronomy, shopping, and vibrant nightlife.

In the embrace of Hokkaido’s pristine environment, Niseko Village proudly wears the accolade of its staggering 18-meter annual snowfall. The mesmerising dance of the Siberian winds with the Sea of Japan’s moisture crafts a powdery paradise, a magnet for winter sports enthusiasts the world over.

Experience the magic and excitement of the Niseko-yo launch in our teaser video here.

Gastronomic Delights Await

Niseko-yo ushers in a culinary renaissance to Niseko, solidifying its reputation as an eternal haven for epicureans with several pioneering gastronomic delights. At the forefront is ‘Gogyo powered by Ippudo’, renowned globally for its ramen mastery. By daylight, it tantalises with its distinctive ramen and coveted side dishes. As twilight envelops the village, it metamorphoses into a vibrant izakaya, unveiling a spectrum of flavours derived from seasonal ingredients, impeccably grilled.

The gastronomic odyssey is further enriched with Baby Crosta, the latest addition to the internationally acclaimed pizza brand Crosta Pizzeria. Making the list of the Top 10 Pizzerias in Asia-Pacific and bringing home the World Pizza of the Year 2023 award from 50 Top Pizza, Crosta adds its unique approach to pizza by launching the first-ever Roman-style pizza in Japan’s powder haven. Moreover, the experience is elevated at Pizza Bianca, an intimate chef’s table nestled within. Led by Chef Yuichi Ito, awarded the Best Pizzaiolo 2022 in Japan, this will be the first Pizza Omakase experience in Niseko, taking pizza indulgence to an unparalleled art form.

Further culinary highlights include the mouthwatering yakiniku of Hokkaien, Long Tang’s delectable dim sum that transports one to Shanghai, the artful sushi and tempura presentations of Yang Shu Ten, authentically crafted Italian delicacies with Japanese precision by Moka, and the spicy allure of Chuan’s celebrated Sichuan hotpot.

Refined Liquid Indulgences 

By day, Chuya, the teahouse by Higashiyama Niseko Village, a distinguished Ritz-Carlton Reserve, serves an array of sweet and savoury delights, beautifully juxtaposed against Niseko’s captivating snowy backdrop. This serene enclave is a testament to the spiritual essence of Japan, inviting guests to relish meticulously crafted pastries and perfectly steeped teas — emblematic of both the deep-seated Japanese tradition and the distinct touch of Higashiyama Niseko Village.

As dusk descends, Chuya unveils its elegant alter ego — Chuya bar by night. For the 23-24 season, this pulsating cocktail haven partners with the esteemed Penrose by Jon Lee, hailed among Asia’s 50 Best Bars of 2023. Together with six other renowned cocktail establishments from Asia, Chuya Bar by Night introduces a ‘Taste of Asia’ experience. This cocktail symphony is shaped by the genius of bar maestros from Bar Leon (Hong Kong, China), Night Hawk (Singapore), Teens of Thailand & Mahaniyom (Bangkok), Zest (Seoul), and Indulge Bistro (Taipei, China). Guests are presented with an enchanting array of drinks, ideal for sipping amidst the breathtaking winter sights of Niseko.

Luxury At Your Fingertips

Niseko-yo introduces two stellar retail destinations, ensuring guests are spoilt for choice when gearing up for winter. Village Sports is poised to cater to all skiing requirements, showcasing a range of skis, snowboards, and winter apparel alongside much coveted custom bootfitting services. On the other hand, The Holiday Project exudes alpine sophistication, presenting curated pieces that echo both adventure and elegance.

For a comprehensive understanding of these offerings, please refer to the Niseko-yo Offerings Booklet attached.

Mandala Club’s Exclusive Winter Soiree in Niseko

This winter, Mandala Club, in alliance with YTL Hotels, rolls out the red carpet, offering a matchless ski-in ski-out experience deep in the heart of Niseko Village. Starting December, guests can savour Mandala Club’s signature cultural experiences. A visit to POPI’s promises curated gastronomic delights, while the ‘Snow Parlour’ brings a harmonious blend of music and Japanese-inspired cocktails. For an experience steeped in exclusivity, potential visitors should register at

Lighting up Niseko with Art

Adding to the Village’s essence is its dedication to the arts. As you wander the expanses of this winter haven, the transformative power of art becomes evident. Celebrated artists like Frank Woo and Emi Shiratori have left their indelible marks, offering guests a sensory exploration of nature and heritage. Entrusted with the responsibility of creating wayfinding sculptures, Woo masterfully offers a harmonious blend of heritage and contemporary design. His evocative pieces serve as more than mere aesthetic landmarks; they are storytellers, narrating Hokkaido’s rich folklore and traditions.

Guiding visitors through Niseko’s picturesque vistas are his symbolic creations: the majestic Hokkaido Brown Bear, embodying the might of the wilderness; the playful Red Fox, encapsulating the region’s spirit; and the ethereal ‘snow fairy’, the Long-tailed Tit, paying tribute to Hokkaido’s magical natural lore. At Higashiyama Niseko Village, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Woo’s artistry further unfolds. Outdoor sculptures beautifully mimic snow flurries, and radiant installations shimmer, mirroring the interplay of sun and moon. This continuous celebration of nature’s beauty extends to The Green Leaf, where Emi Shiratori’s creations resonate deeply with every brushstroke, paying a heartfelt homage to Hokkaido’s natural marvels.

As night descends on Niseko-yo, pathways are bathed in luminescence, enhanced by cutting-edge projections that weave traditional and contemporary tales. These illuminated trails are not merely routes but are immersive artistic odysseys. Every footstep deepens one’s connection to the region’s heritage, establishing Niseko as a sensory journey, inviting all to immerse in its rich culture and ever-evolving narrative.

Niseko Village: The Premier Winter Destination

While the charm of Niseko-yo is undeniable, the core allure remains rooted in Niseko Village. With a backdrop of unparalleled snow and premium amenities, properties like Higashiyama, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, and Kasara Niseko Village Townhouse, promise unparalleled luxury. The architectural finesse of Hinode Hills and The Green Leaf Niseko Village offer guests the coveted ski-in, ski-out experience. At the same time, Hilton Niseko extends both relaxation and adventure.

For a complete winter experience and reservations, visit the rejuvenated