Welcome to Uchi!

Uchi is the definitive one-stop shop for Japanese resort real estate. Our lightning-fast search function allows buyers to quickly and easily find what they are looking for from throughout Japan and then connects them directly to real estate agents. We are not a real estate agent – we are a specialist marketing service promoting the best Japanese resort real estate to a huge market. By showcasing the best properties from multiple agents, users are able to search and browse to find their perfect home in Japan.

All properties listed on Uchi have a licensed real estate behind them, giving you peace of mind that this important transaction is in trusted hands. With land, apartments, penthouse and homes from the best resorts across Japan we have something for everyone. Starting at only 5 million JPY ($30,000 USD today!), there is nothing to stop you joining the thousands of happy owners in this magical country.

We have 600 properties currently listed and you can view all current listings at https://uchijapan.com/ – with hundreds of ski properties in Niseko of course!

For property owners looking to sell their home, we use our skills and experience to get more eyes onto your property and leave the rest to the expert real estate agents! This approach allows potential buyers to browse hundreds of properties from different listing agents and property owners, giving them the opportunity to compare property vs property directly, destination vs destination – filtering by price, location, amenities and more.

In a cluttered marketplace, the power of more eyeballs on your property increases the number of enquiries and chance of a quick sale dramatically. Uchi listings are clean, well-presented and attractive to buyers: you need to be in front of as many buyers as possible to maximise the value of your real estate asset.

99% of all resort real estate sales in Japan start with an online search and this is where Uchi excels. Unlike other listing sites our pages do not take an age to load – our aim is simply to help our users find their ideal property and get on with the purchase process! Uchi searches load in milliseconds and provide users instant results that fit their parameters perfectly.

It is critical that when it comes to selling your property you are able to get maximum exposure on the best multi-agent listing site with access to our highly qualified database and rapidly increasing site users. Since starting in July 2021 we have grown from zero to over 50,000 monthly page hits and continue to see more visitors every month.

Time is money – stale real estate listings don’t sell, so let Uchi refresh the presentation of your property and increase promotion overnight. Visit https://uchijapan.com/listing-your-property to find out more about your listings options.