From Kutchan Town to the Niseko community On 7 April 2020, the Japanese government declared a state of emergency in a number of prefectures. Hokkaido Prefecture Government has announced "Concentrated Countermeasures" to help reduce the risk of infection. Read the Governors announcement HERE. Due to the current COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus) issue across the world, we recommend that you keep yourself updated HERE with the latest advice on how to protect yourself and the community by doing the most you can. Also, by frequently checking Kutchan Town Official Website you can get the most updated information on any current cases and information to take note of while in Niseko. Kutchan Town recommends the following precautions to help keep the Niseko community safe; How to protect yourself
  • Use "cough etiquette" at all times
  • Avoid the "three-c's": closed spaces, crowded places, close-contact settings
  • Get proper information government websites
  • Wash hands for more than 30 seconds especially before eating and after coming back home from outside
  • Avoid human contact (public places like buses and trains). When going out wear a mask
  • Keep yourself healthy by eating well and getting enough hours of sleep
If you do not feel well call; ~Kutchan Public Health Center~ TEL 0136-23-1957/0136-23-1951 (Open weekdays 8:45-17:30)   If Kutchan Public Health Center is closed, call; ~Regional Health Division, Hokkaido Government~ TEL 011-204-5020 (Weekdays 17:30-21:00 / Sats. Suns. & Holidays 9:00-17:00) *The typical symptoms are;
  • Fatigue or difficulty in breathing
  • Fever higher than 37.5 degrees and cough and/or running nose for longer than 4 days
  • (If you are elderly or have heart disease) Immunodeficiency, diabetes or hypertension AND have the above symptoms for 2 days
For the PDF flyer of above, please download from HERE.