Coming to Niseko in September can be THIS easy!

During the 2019 Niseko Autumn Food Festival (from Sep 12th through Sep 15th), there are many different ways for you to get to Niseko. Here are some useful information: 1. Supported by Travel Alliance Hokkaido, FREE SHUTTLES BETWEEN SAPPORO and NISEKO are available. To reinforce our eco-focused goal for the 1st Niseko Autumn Food Festival, we would like to reduce visitors driving themselves. Please click HERE to book (first come, first serve). See below shuttle schedule:
Niseko Hirafu Rhythm Japan Shop (Hirafu cross section) =>Sapporo Odori Park Sapporo Odori Park=>Niseko Hirafu Rhythm Japan Shop (Hirafu cross section)
Thursday, Sep 12th - 10:00 Thursday, Sep 12th - 15:00
Friday, Sep 13th - 10:00 Friday, Sep 13th - 15:00
Saturday, Sep 14th - 10:00
Saturday, Sep 14th - 14:00
Sunday, Sep 15th - 10:00
Sunday, Sep 15th -14:00
Sunday, Sep 15th - 19:00
2. Supported by MnK Niseko, FREE SHUTTLES BETWEEN KUTCHAN JR STATION and NISEKO HIRAFU Rhythm Japan Shop (Hirafu cross section) are available. No reservation required (first come, first serve). On Thursday, Sep 12th, you can easily use the special express JR train to Kutchan station and catch this free shuttle - easy & fast! See below for free shuttle schedule:
Kuctah JR Station => Niseko Hirafu Rhythm Japan Shop (Hirafu cross section) Niseko Hirafu Rhythm Japan Shop (Hirafu cross section)=> Kutchan JR Station
10:30 *Thursday, Sep 12th only 16:45 *Thursday, Sep 12th only
18:00 18:30
19:00 20:00
3. Want to enjoy Lake Toya & come join the Niseko Autumn Food Festival? No problem. You can use the convenient shuttle between the 2 scenic Hokkaido spots! Find out more details HERE