Onsen Yukoro Permanently Closed on May 6

Thank you for your continued support for Onsen Yukoro.

Our apology for a sudden announcement, but we will permanently close the facility onSunday, May 6. Although we have had repeating customers for many years, business has become difficult for us due to various circumstances. We apologize for the short notice and any inconvenience it may cause to the customers who loved our onsen. Your understanding would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for using Onsen Yukoro for many years. We wish you all the best in the future.


Yuuichi Ishikawa, Representative Director

Kouji Ishikawa, Manager

Onsen Yukoro Ltd.

2018-19 Winter Special Deals!

Don't miss out on the great saving opportunities for your next winter vacation!

Already can't wait for the next winter vacation in Niseko? We are, too! If you are looking for some great deals for your 2018-19 winter trip, look no further. Here is a list of some great options around the Niseko area! Many of them are ending soon, so ACT FAST!

2018 Golf Season in Niseko starts as early as 21st April!

All three courses are within 30min drive!

Searching for the next "coolest" golfing spots? Look no further. Niseko lies in the hilly basin between Mt. Yotei and Mt. Annupuri. Its unique location means that even in the hottest month, August, averages between 16.9 and 25.7 degrees. The low humidity also makes a round or two of golf very enjoyable. After golfing, you can relax in the hot spring and enjoy the fresh Hokkaido produce.

Here is a quick overview of the three golf courses in Niseko area:

  • The Niseko Golf Courseopens from 21st April to 4 November. Designed by Arnold Palmer, The Niseko Golf Course is a beautiful course through the forest, surrounded by pine trees and white birches. 18 holes|Par 72.
  • The Niseko Village Golf Courseopens from 1st May to 21 October. This course lies at the doorstep of the Hilton Niseko Village, and superb views of Mt. Yotei are visible from the whole area. 18 holes|Par 73.
  • Hanazono Golf : opens from 3rd May to 4 November. Known as one of the most attractive courses in Japan, this course has an unusual layout and is set in the middle of picturesque Niseko scenery. 18 holes|Par 72.

Contact the golf courses today and book your next golfing trip! Check out the special golfing getaway package offered by Kasara Niseko Village Townhouse and Vacation Niseko!

Watch the video of the famous K-pop star Kahi enjoys the HANAZONO GOLF last July and find out why her & her family keep coming back to Niseko all year round!!

Niseko Internship Program(2018-2019) - Call for Participants

Hokkaido government ShiriBeshi office calls for companies that are keen to offer th international working environment for interns.

1.Accept as interns in operations not as part-time worker.
2.Provide international work environment.
3.Preferably provide accommodations during the program.
4.Allow to participate in official program which government organized.

Term of employment
【Summer program】
During July – September including the official term 6th Aug – 5th Sep

【Winter program】
During December – March including the official term 5th Feb – 6th Mar

【Summer program】
6th May 2018

【Winter program】
9th Sep 2018

You can download application requirements the following site.


Yusuke Araki
Hokkaido government ShiriBeshi office
Email:[email protected]
TEL  :0136-23-1419
FAX  :0136-22-0948

Introduction of New NPB Director Candidates

Find out what each candidate has in mind for the Niseko area!

Name: Anthony Trovatello (Chook)

​Company: AntFarm Productions

Work Experience: 

Current business: consultant specialising in Ski Resorts/ Destination Tourism, Operations & Property Mgmt.

Previous experience: Worked (17 years) in a variety of tourism related fields as both freelance and Senior Mgmt level in Australia, Japan, HK, Taiwan & Canada , COO- SkiJapan.com- Managing Summer Japan, Niseko.com, NBS, Alpen Ridge, Fresh Cafe, Niseko Brand Apparel, Yotei Golf brands (8 years), Executive Committee member- Lake Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce/ Snowy Mountains Tourism (6 years) , Events Management (10 Years), Television producer/ presenter- Snowy Mountains TV (6 Years), National Ski Operations & Training Manager- Rebel Sport Aus. (8 Years), Outdoor Education Guide (6 Years), Freelance Writer/ Editor: Niseko.com Magazine, Snowy Times,  Summit Sun Newspaper (10 Years), Freelance Operations & Marketing Advisor for "Keelung for a walk"- Taiwan

Please share one of your goals if you were one of the new NPB directors:

To work closer with, unite & further build the partnership between the community and businesses- both local and international operators and gain their active support & involvement moving forward. To further raise the reputation of NPB and instill the belief from members that we are leading the way forward for Niseko marketing. For the NPB to be recognized as a major force behind the international tourism efforts on behalf of Niseko. To make Niseko a must visit destination both summer and winter.  To increase the profile of Niseko in the summer.  To instill the base line that when Niseko as a whole is successful- all businesses in Niseko are successful- we need to work together. To be a leader in international destination marketing. To improve the data collection and market research of Niseko business and tourism activity.

Please share your vision for Niseko:

To make Niseko a world- class, year round tourism destination that manages sustainable and consistant economic growth and ongoing worldwide appeal. To set Niseko apart from other resort destinations within Asia and globally to become a "must-see", "bucket list" experience. To bring all the cultures, operators & community together working as one towards this vision. To strongly preserve & further develop the Japanese culture in Niseko.

Name: Elsie Alice Nielsen

​Company: Niseko Photography KK 

Work Experience: 

I have a Bachelor of Science majoring in Environmental Management where I received the Deans Honours Award for outstanding academic achievement and am nearly completed a Diploma of Graphic Design. During and after university I worked in the environmental industry in Australia for 10 years specialising in social marketing. At 25 I was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for NevRwaste a government agency in charge of environmental management and education in the entire North East Victorian area (including the 4 Alpine Resorts) and a Board member of the Association of Victorian Regional Waste Management Groups which heads up waste management in Victoria. After this position I moved to Japan to become the Owner Liaison Manager for SkiJapan for 2 years where I reported directly to the General Manager and managed many properties in the Niseko area. Following this I was recruited back to Melbourne Australia for 2 years as the Director Roberts Evaluation, a highly renowned social marketing and evaluation company. Finally after being given the opportunity to take over Niseko Photography & Guiding (Niseko Photography KK), my partner Darren Teasdale and I moved here permanently 4 years ago. I am now the Director of the company and oversee the entire operations of the photography/guiding element and our new subsidiary the Brick Bar.

Please share one of your goals if you were one of the new NPB directors:

If given the opportunity I can make a valuable contribution to the successful growth and sustainability of the Niseko area year around using my marketing knowledge and by providing a young and contemporary perspective to the Board. I would love to be able to help the NPB develop exciting and fresh new marketing campaigns to attract old and new customers alike, and compete with other resorts in the Northern Hemisphere which are currently making huge traction with strategic and targeted marketing campaigns. I strongly believe that with a united approach we can really define Niseko as the world's top resort and create sustainable futures for all businesses in the region in the winter and the green season. I am passionate about community and particularly as a foreigner in this beautiful place, ensuring the local Japanese community can benefit in a positive way from Niseko’s tourism.

Please share your vision for Niseko:

I would like to see Niseko as a vibrant inclusive and diverse community that celebrates the environment, sports, art, business and family. Niseko is one of the most positive places I have ever lived and I feel we can grow this in a progressive way to not only sustain the likes of developers and big business, but also support little business, families and communities. The uniqueness of this place offers an unparalleled opportunity where winter provides the worlds best powder, Japanese culture, food and a multi-national visitor base… and summer, a yet fairly undiscovered wonderland of even more culture, food, festivals and scenery. I think summer is Niseko’s best kept secret and something we can really work to promote and grow the tourism in a way that supports residents beyond the winter, providing year round opportunities for business, tourists and the local Japanese and expat community.

Name: Eddie Guillemette 

Company: MnK Niseko

Work Experience: 

Investment banker for 20 years in the US, Australia, HK, and UK.  Investor/developer in Niseko since 2005, operator of MnK Niseko property management and hospitality for 8 years.

Please share one of your goals if you were one of the new NPB directors:

Improve communication between the stakeholders  in the community - local residents (Japanese and foreigner), local government, tourists and property owners.

Please share your vision for Niseko:

To create a sustainable, year round, world class resort community that attracts a global audience and provides opportunities for local residents to have a meaningful careers.

Name:  Kristian Lund 

Company : Niseko Media KK

Work Experience: 

• 3 years as a newspaper journalist with News Ltd

• 2.5 years as a Senior Media Officer with State Government (Australia)

• 2.5 years Marketing and Communications Consultant with Queensland Government

• 11 years Publisher/Editor of Powderlife (Niseko's first English magazine and English news website)

• More details: https://au.linkedin.com/in/kristian-lund-6bab3515

Please share one of your goals if you were one of the new NPB directors:

As a journalist, marketing and PR professional, with 12 years experience publishing English content to promote Niseko to an international audience, my main goal would be to lend my experience to the NPB in order to maximise the effectiveness of our international marketing efforts. I believe we need to work on strong marketing messages and plans in order to ensure we maximise the benefits of tourism for the people of Kutchan and Niseko.


Please share your vision for Niseko:

I want to see Niseko continue to develop and receive interest from more countries around the world, and continue towards becoming one of the world's great ski resorts. I want to see development guided as much as possible by the people and institutions of Kutchan and Niseko to ensure it is done ethically and sustainably.

Name: Gregory Hough

Company: Explore Niseko

Work Experience: 

With over 20 years (9 in Niseko) of experience in hospitality, travel and tourism, at a range of levels, my background includes experience in sales and marketing at every stage of distribution channels i.e. retail, tour operator,  accommodation/hotel and online.

Please share one of your goals if you were one of the new NPB directors:

Assist in Developing a focused marketing strategy

Please share your vision for Niseko:

To become one of the most recognized four-season, mountain resorts in the world.

Name: John Barton

Company: Vacation Niseko

Work Experience: 

Worked and lived in Niseko for 10 years in roles mainly related to project management, real estate and property management. Have run Vacation Niseko for 4 years. Have owned Niseko Taproom for 2 years.

Please share one of your goals if you were one of the new NPB directors:

To make the summer viable and attractive for all.

Please share your vision for Niseko:

To make a sustainable, functioning resort that can offer genuine year-round employment and careers for our workers.

Introducing The Maples Niseko: Hirafu’s New Ski-In Ski-Out Hotel

Due for completion in December 2018!

Welcome to The Maples Niseko, the newest addition to NISADE’s long list of value accommodation settings in Niseko.

Nestled in the heart of Hirafu, The Maples Niseko comprises of 73 one, two and three bedroom accommodations with top floor panoramic penthouse apartments. Due for completion in December 2018, NISADE is proud to offer this new ski-in ski-out accommodation to future Niseko visitors.

They are now welcoming bookings for 2018-19 winter season with a Grand Opening Special until the 15th May 2018.Contact the friendly Reservations Team and book to stay at The Maples Niseko and receive up to 30% OFF* your winter holiday.

They’re also offering a complimentary VIP experience for 10 lucking guests who book to stay at The Maples Niseko. Click here for your chance to WIN!

The Maples Niseko was designed with a vision – to compliment the natural beauty of Niseko through clean and stylish tones combined with thoughtful designs and sophisticated function.

Careful consideration is placed on spacious living creating an environment centered around the needs of guests. With ski-in ski-out perfection, onsite cafe & restaurant and dedicated ski room, The Maples Niseko offers complete immersion into the good life that is synonymous with Niseko.


A stones throw from the bustling street of Hirafu zaka, The Maples Niseko offers a prime location for any visitor wishing to immerse
themselves in the entirety of Niseko.

The Ski-in Ski-out experience is seamless as The Maples Niseko opens directly onto The Ace Family Run. With one effortless step, you can start your day in powder heaven.

With the entire resort at your fingertips, there is no holding back from the winter trip of a lifetime.


Every visit is made all the more enjoyable with the provision of mindful touches centred around optimizing every guest experience. Stylish, modern decor and rooms fitted for comfort and convenience make The Maples Niseko the perfect choice for families and couples looking to enjoy the grandeur of Niseko at an affordable price.


Boasting an on-site cafe and restaurant, The Maples Niseko will strive to be a destination in itself. The welcoming atmosphere and unique design creates the perfect place to unwind and relax after a day on the slopes. With a hot beverage in hand, guests can enjoy watching skiers pass by through the floor to ceiling windows allowing a greater appreciation of the natural wonders of Niseko. Hungry skiers can also grab a quick and light meal at either the restaurant or cafe to refuel before a day on the slopes.


These cosy two bedroom apartments provide an ideal resting place for couples and small families. Refined living spaces exude a welcoming atmosphere with the artful use of space and light.


These spacious retreats can be found on levels 2 to 6 offering pristine natural views of Niseko and the surrounding beauty. Each bedroom offers either king or twin single configurations as well as fully equipped kitchens and all essential amenities.


The sophistication offered in these generously sized top-floor residences create a comforting space for the ultimate winter hideaway. Panoramic views of Niseko’s ski hill, Mt Yotei and Hirafu Village are brought to light by the 5 meter tall ceilings and large open windows. These Penthouse Apartments offer a continuous flow of space providing family and friends the freedom to enjoy the natural allure of Niseko


The award winning team behind NISADE welcome guests from around the globe to relax and enjoy this brand new addition to the Niseko family. Our dedicated Reception team will be on site 24 hours a day to ensure every guest’s stay is seamless and unforgettable. From airport transfers to restaurant reservations, the onsite Concierge team will go that extra mile guaranteeing every facet of your winter holiday is catered for. You’ll not only find our team to be attentive and approachable, but also passionate about Niseko and love nothing more than sharing their local knowledge with guests.

2018 What's On Spring Issue is Out!

Read about all the fun events in April!

The 2018 spring issue of What's On is out! Find out what the must-do spring activities are, where all the fun spring events are in the Niseko area, and many more.

Make sure to get a copy while you are in town, or you can download it here.

Niseko Vibes - Spring Mix 2018 Released!

Tracks by Tim Bernardes, Novos Baianos, Spinning Motion, Charlotte Dos Santos, Liv.e and more.

A new Mix for a new Season!
Niseko Vibes is back again with flower blooming tunes to take your Spring happiness even higher level.

The journey includes MPB (Brazil), Rare Jazzy folk, Neo-sou l, psychedelic funk, HipHop Instrumental, Jazz Funk, boogie, spiritual Jazz, ItalianLibrary, Guatemalan jazz, Jamaican Jazz, US soul, and more!

Enjoy the mix with fresh Spring vibe!

2019 G-20 Summit to Be Held on June 28!

A tourism ministers’ meeting will be held in the town of Kutchan, Hokkaido, next to Niseko!

From The Japan Times, April 2nd, 2018

OSAKA – The 2019 Group of 20 summit in Osaka will take place on June 28 and 29, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga announced Monday.

Next year’s summit marks the first time the G-20 will be held in Japan. Leaders including Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, U.S. President
DonaldTrump, and Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend, along with those from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

The G-20 is the largest international summit to take place in Osaka and the Kansai region since the 1995 conference of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, which was also held in Osaka.

The 2019 summit is expected to focus on international finance and economic issues and global themes related to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Pressing regional security and economic issues will likely be discussed in bilateral, trilateral, and multilateral side meetings during the gathering.

Around 30,000 participants including delegation members and international journalists and NGO representatives are expected for the summit, which will take place at the Intex Osaka convention center in the city’s waterfront district.

Security is expected to be heavy, especially in Osaka’s Umeda district, where many luxury hotels are located and where a number of leaders and their delegations are expected to stay. On Monday, the Osaka Prefectural Police launched a G-20 summit task force that will begin security preparations.

In addition to the Osaka leaders’ summit, separate G-20 ministerial meetings are planned. They include one for finance ministers and central bankers in Fukuoka, a foreign ministers’ gathering in Aichi Prefecture,an agricultural ministers’ meeting in Niigata, a meeting on renewable energy in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, and a ministerial meeting on trade and the digital economy that will take place in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture.

There will also be a tourism ministers’ meeting in the town of Kutchan, Hokkaido, next to Niseko.

Photo by Charlie Wood