Lost & Found sticker is now on sale!

Lost something in Niseko, Kutchan? No more worrying.

Lost and found sticker is now on sale!! You will be fine as long as you have this.

Kutchan Tourism Association will contact you directly if something finds an item with your sticker on it.


■¥500 - 1 sheet with 2 stickers

■Valid for one year from registration

■For details http://www.niseko.co.jp/en/contact/lost-found

■Contact  Kutcan Tourism Association TEL 0136-55-5372  Email [email protected]


Registration is simple!

1.Register your information.(Kutchan Tourism Association website)

2.Just put stickers on your items and you are done.

Let’s enjoy Niseko with the stickers!

Sheesa Riding Camp

Why not learn from the best and ride like a Niseko local?

Sheesa Camp is started by a GENTEM pro rider "TOMOMI "sheesa" KUWAHARA", which is for the riders who want to improve their riding skills. It's been operated since 1999, which means this camp has abundance of experience and teaching skills.

Sheesa Camp Riding Clinics has various courses - help you to overcome your troubles and make your riding life much more fun! Below is a basic Sheesa Riding Camp info for reference.

Sheesa Riding Camp
Lecturer TOMOMI "sheesa" KUWAHARA
Time Morning Class (9:30~12:00), Afternoon Class (13:00~15:30)
Place All Niseko United Area
Meeting Place Grand Hirafu
1 person ¥24,000
2 pax ¥13,000 (per person)
3 pax ¥10,000 (per person)
More than 4 pax ¥9,000 (per person)
Additional hr ¥10,000 (per group)

Please note that terms and conditions apply. Check out Sheesa Camp website for more details.

Powder Cat Tour in Iwanai Resort

The ocean view with ultimate powder experience!

Fresh powder is the reason you've come to Niseko. Now try oceanfront skiing/snowboarding and get a full day of untracked lines. Experience the ultimate in powder luxury at Iwanai Resort. You'll ride 600-800m of vertical and get 7-9 runs a day, broken only by a fabulous sushi lunch. Whether you like spacious tree skiing, challenging steeps or wide open course, Iwana Resort has what you want!

¥65,000 per seat, covering:

  • Door-to-door transport
  • Intense safety briefing
  • Super luxury snow cat
  • Fabulous sushi lunch
  • Two experience guides
  • Avalnche beacons
  • Apres ski bar and billiards

If you are a powder hunter, come visit the hidden Hokkaido and witness one of Hokkaido's steepest resorts!

All Season Luxury Respite in Nature at Nest at the Trees, Niseko!

Luxury hotelier NestAtNest delivers a new nest of comfort and Japanese tradition in Niseko for every season.

Sapporo, Hokkaido is Chosen As One of The Host Cities of Rugby World Cup 2019

Sapporo city will host Rugby World Cup 2019 games!

Sapporo city in Hokkaido has been chosen as one of the host cities, as Rugby World Cup 2019 will be held in Japan.

The city is a popular destination for Japanese and international travelers alike, who flock to the city for uniquely local cultural events such as the annual Sapporo Snow Festival with its gigantic ice sculptures, culinary delights ranging from ramen and Genghis Khan lamb barbecue to the fresh seafood from local waters, and the natural scenic beauty of Hokkaido and its wide plains, mountains and coastlines.

Sapporo has played host to such international sports events as the 1972 Winter Olympics and the 2002 FIFA World Cup, as well as being the home city to professional baseball and soccer teams. This history of hosting many major sports events is a strong platform for the Rugby World Cup 2019 to showcase the special appeal of rugby to an even broader audience in Japan and overseas at Japan’s northernmost all-weather stadium.

Tournament Dates:

Friday, 20 September - Saturday 2 November , 2019

Games taking place in Sapporo Dome:

  1. Saturday, 21 September - 13:45 - Australia V.S. Fiji
  1. Sunday, 22 September - 19:15 - England V.S. Tonga

Top Five Souvenirs from Cocoroya Niseko

For all you treasure hunters out there! Visit Cocoroya Niseko today.

Looking for antique or new Japanese collectables in Niseko? Look no further! Cocoroya Niseko is the spot for you.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Best-selling Souvenirs from the store:

  1. Handmade Japanese cooking knives
  2. Kimono & kimono jackets - hundreds of designs for you to choose from!
  3. Kokeshi dolls - Japanese dolls, originally from the northern Japan. They are handmade from wood and have a simple trunk with an enlarged head. A few thin, painted lines to define the face.
  4. Obi sashes - which make great wall hangings or table runners
  5. The Ainu carved bears - it's quite an iconic item in Niseko. You can see the cute bear in many different stores in town!

Make sure to visit the Cocoroya Niseko store today and bring a part of uniqueness home from Niseko, Hokkaido!

E5AShimpo Expressway (between Yoichi IC and Otaru JCT) will be opened on Saturday, December 8, 2018

NEXCO EAST Hokkaido Branch (Sapporo City Atsubetsu Ward) is under constructionE5AA section (extension 23.3 km) from Shimo (Shiribashi) Motorway's Yoichi (Good) Interchange (IC) to Otaru (Otaru) Junction (JCT) will be opened on Saturday, December 8, I will let you know as it became.

The outline of this opening section and the expected opening effect are as follows.
【Opening section】 Yoichi (good) IC (Yokocho cho climbing Yokochi gun, Hokkaido) ~ Otaru (Otaru) JCT (Otaru shinkoicho in Hokkaido)
[Extension] 23.3 km

For other language information, please check from HERE!!    (Japanese, 简体 中文, 繁體 中文, ภาษา ไทย, 한국어)

October 19, 2018

East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.

Hokkaido branch office