Hakodate - Niseko Bus Operation Service Starts 1 Feb. 2018!!

Now you can take Shinkansen or fly into Hakodate airport to come to Niseko!

Looking for other ways to come to Niseko? You can now take Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Hakodate and use this shuttle to come to Niseko or simply fly to Hakodate Airport instead of New Chitose Airport. You can make reservation via below link:


Here are some details:

Hakodate JR [email protected]:35 => New Hakodate Hokudo JR Station (for Shinkansen train)@11:20=> Hirafu Welcome Center @14:10

Hirafu Welcome [email protected]:50=> New Hakodate Hokudo JR Station (for Shinkansen train)@17:40=>Hakodate JR [email protected]:15


For Hakodate JR station to/from Hirafu Welcome Center, the fee will be Adult ¥4,500, Child (under 12 years old) ¥2,300. One way will be about 3hr 35min.

For New Hakodate Hokuto JR station to/from Hirafu Welcome Center, the fee will be Adult ¥4,000, Child (under 12 years old) ¥2,000. One way will be about 2hr 50min.

Contact: Hakodate Taxi Co,. Ltd  TEL 0138-55-1111*Only in Japanese.

Bookings : 10am - 5pm, All year round *Please make a booking 3 days before departure date.

If you are flying to/from Hakodate Airport, you can take a shuttle to Hakodate JR station easily. Click here for shuttle schedule.

The fee will be Adult ¥410, Child (under 12 years old) ¥210.

Top Five Niseko Souvenirs from Lucky Supermarket

Head over to Lucky Supermarket in Kutchan and get them all!

Visiting Niseko and wondering what's good souvenir to bring home to your friends and family or for yourself? Lucky Supermarket is here to the rescue.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Niseko Souvenirs based on popularity from the store:

  1. Jyagatakun (mini muffin): The #1 souvenir has the same name as our Kutchan Town mascot, Jyagata-kun. Jyagata in Japanese means potato as potato is the primary agriculture product from Kutchan town; so the mascot is a potato wearing a hat symbolizing Mt. Yotei on a ski to showcase the most famous two aspects from the area. The mini muffin is made with butter, potato flour and cheese, produced by local bakeries. For 9pcs, you can bring them back in a nice gift box for ¥1080.
  2. Water-proof Stickers: The #2 souvenir again is associated with the mascot, Jyagata-kun and his girlfriend, the Jyagako, a hot potato on snowboard wearing matching hat as her boyfriend. There are several different types of designs for people to pick from. A great souvenir for friends and family and also yourself! About ¥250.
  3. Yukidaruma Sake: If you are in Niseko, why not bring some local Sake back? Most of the sake produced here is made with spring water from Mt.Yotei and Hokkaido rice. What makes Yukidaruma (snow-man) the #3 souvenir? It's made at Niseko Shuzo (Niseko Brewery) right in Kutchan Town, and its adorable snow-man container makes everyone wants to bring it home. You can bring this unique gift back at ¥1469.
  4. Gousetsu Udon Noodles: Udon noodles are usually made of flour, but this Gousetsu (meaning "tons of snow" in Japanese) is made of, yup, you had guessed it by now, potato flour. You can find many local restaurants in Niseko using these udon noodles for their dishes. It is a little more  One pack of the uncooked Gousetsu Udon noodles will be ¥750.
  5. Harvest Niseko: Enjoyed all the amazing cuisine in Niseko? Why not bring the book which celebrates the dining culture in Niseko back? This award-winning cookbook by long-time Niseko chef, Tess Stomski uncovers the incredible world of Niseko local farmers' stories and includes a wide variety of modern Japanese recipes.  ¥5400.

Come and Join the Niseko Gourmet Cooking Workshops!

And experience the day-to-day modern Japanese cooking.

If you love the food in Niseko, there is one activity in town you shouldn't miss: Cooking Workshops hosted by the author of award-winning cookbook "Harvest Niseko" and owner of Niseko Gourmet, Tess Stomski.

Participants will be able to learn not only how to make a simple yet delicious Japanese Teishoku (set menu) with a mix of traditional and modern recipes, but also how to use the Japanese ingredients and seasoning in their own cooking.

The workshop is set up to make cooking fun for anyone: no matter you are the type who cooks every day or who considers mixing salad with dressing as cooking - you will leave the workshop feeling like you are armed with great knowledge and ready to go home and whip out a healthy Japanese meal.

For the 2017-18 season, the menu you will learn includes:

  • Tofu, pork & beef hamburg
  • Potato and bacon miso soup
  • Brown rice steamed with barley and moro miso
  • Simmered burdock, carrot and chilli
  • Daikon and yuzu pickles
  • Green leaves, seasonal vegetables, umeboshi dressing

The workshop will take place conveniently in Mick's Wine Cellars in Hirafu, and tasting some fine wine with the fruits of your labor is just the perfect combo for your Niseko holiday!

The workshop is available Monday to Saturday from 10:30 to 13:00. For reservations, please email: [email protected]

Explore Niseko Announces Opening of Activity Centre at Ginto Village!

A range of off-moutain activities including banana boating, snowshoeing, fat wheel bicyles, Segways and a rail park, are available.

Explore Niseko is excited to announce the official opening of the Explore Niseko Activity Centre at Ginto Village. The Activity Centre features a range of off mountain activities including banana boating, snowshoeing, fat wheel bicycles, Segways and a rail park.

The Activity centre will be open for business from Monday, 29 January and the opening hours are 10:00 to 16:00 daily with the rail park closing at 20:00.

Bookings for all activities can be made via Explore Niseko Booking Desk at Odin Place or via the Explore Niseko website. Pick-up and drop-off services are available from Odin place

The Activity centre will operate year round and will continue to develop and introduce new activities as they go.

To require any additional information, contact [email protected]

2018 Summerlife Out Now!

Sharing the beauty of summer Niseko with winter visitors.

While it may seem a bit early to be thinking about summer, now is the perfect time to let people know about the year-round tourism offerings in Niseko.

Summerlife is designed to paint a vibrant picture of Niseko and the region in the warmer months and entice tourists back after winter.

You can get the latest issue from across Niseko. It is also available in most accommodation, restaurants, bars, cafés and businesses around town. You won't be able to miss the breathtaking cover captured in Shakotan, a popular destination in summer. Online version is also available.

The latest issue showcases the different colors in Niseko after the snow has melted, provides a wide variety of activity and event info and articles on art and dining.

You can now also read it on your phone and tablet for FREE – download the official Niseko app and access it right at the palm of your hand.