March 30, 2016 HTM K.K. (HTM) is pleased to announce the formalisation of their strategic alliance with Niseko Tokyu Resort K.K. (NTR) following the purchase of HTM shares by NTR. NTR, part of the Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group, owns and operates Niseko Mt. Resort Grand HIRAFU, the largest area of the Niseko United resort. Niseko has won Japan’s best ski resort for the last 3 years at the World Ski Awards and is regularly rated one of the world’s top ten snow destinations. HTM is the largest independent Property and Resort Services Manager in Niseko with over 1,100 beds as well operating GoSnow, Grand HIRAFU’s International Snowsports School. NTR and HTM have worked closely for over 10 years to promote the resort and improve customer experiences in Niseko, including:
  • Since 2010 NTR have provided on-snow facilities for HTM to provide a ski valet service for guests, first at the Niseko Kogen Hotel site and now at the Hirafu Gondola.
  • In 2014 NTR partnered with HTM to operate the resort’s International Snowsports School (GoSnow) which has seen a rapid growth of the ski school with over 13,000 lessons delivered in Winter 2015-16.
Matt Dening, Representative Director of HTM, commented, "It is an honour that Niseko Tokyu Resort, who own the resort, see us as part of the continuing future of Grand HIRAFU and Niseko. We look forward to working even more closely with them to ensure the growth and sustainability of Niseko as one of the world’s premier alpine destinations." Enquiry: HTM K.K. Chris Pickering