The first sunflowers at Milk Kobo are now blooming and as a result of the larger field this year, they are expecting the flowers will continue to bloom in different sections until end of August. Come by to get the summer feeling or a few memorable shots. Also, a new "Niseko carriage" experience, operated by Hokkaido Lion Adventure, was launched at Milk Kobo on July 19th. The ride leaves from and returns to Milk Kobo after going through the sunflower field and nearby meadowland. The carriage also visits a ranch where you may get to see baby calves! Family fun in Niseko. [Price (approx. 20 mins tour): 500yen/person, FOC for age of 3 or younger] [The area's tourist information will be provided by the attendant during the tour.] *Please contact Hokkaido Lion Adventure (Tel: 0136-43-2882) for more information on the Niseko carriage.   Visit Milk Kobo to get a taste of Niseko Summer!