Drop by the gallery on the 2nd floor of Aya Niseko today!

Looking for something special to bring home? Drop by Kiyoe Gallery today to see a range of curated artworks created by Japanese artists. They are inspired by the beautiful Hokkaido nature and showcase the special bound the artists have with the unique area.

1 Yoko Arano / Calligraphy / ¥400,000 (top image)

2 Minami Seigo/ Ceramic cups / Price starting from ¥10,800 (each)

3 Nakamura Hiroshi/ Ceramic vase & sake cups/ Price starting from ¥4,500(each)

4 Wooden zodiac figure / ¥1,023(each)

5 Copper & silver spoon / Price staring from ¥3,240(each)

Photos by Aaron Jamieson