Subvention for Local Businesses

Hokkaido government has recently announced a subvention plan for local businesses in response to the economic effects of COVID-19. In order to be eligible for a subvention the following needs to be practiced from April 25th to May 6th;

  • Businesses required to close-Close the business
  • Businesses NOT required to close-Maintain distance between each table/seat to minimize the potential spread of the virus

To find out which group your business belongs to, please click HERE.

Please note that depending on which group your business belongs to, the subvention amount will vary. Click HERE for more details.

Also, please have a look on HERE to keep yourself updated with important updates and news from Hokkaido Government. Their work is updated in multiple languages in a timely manner, including this subvention plan.
For inquires about the subvention plan, call:

For service in English:
Hokkaido Foreign Resident Support Center (English available)
011-200-9595 (Opening hours, weekdays only 9:00~12:00, 13:00~17:00)


For service in Japanese:
011-206-0104 or 011-206-0216 (Opening hours, weekdays only 8:45-17:30)