HIS Niseko is again coordinating this year’s Santa Project for two local orphanages: Aiseigakuen and Iwanai Kouseien(114 children).

For the upcoming Christmas season,we humbly request donations of money to buy toys,stationary,socks,gloves, towels and christmas cake. Below are the two bank accounts that you may kindly deposit your donations:

#Post Office Bank (Yucho) Branch 908
Normal account 19946851 サンタノヘルパー
or Post Office Bank ATM 19060 -19946851

 # Hokuyo Bank Kutchan branch
Ordinary account 3612218 サンタノヘルパー
You may also drop off your donation of money to the Administration Office at Hokkaido International School-Niseko c/o Adrninistrative Assistants.

If you or your company would /ike to helpwe would appreciate it greatly. Please send any questions or comments to [email protected]  or his.nis[email protected]his.ac.jp

Happy Holidays from HISNiseko