Christmas Special Panettone

The Pow Bar is creating a Christmas special Panettone cake for this holiday period.

Panettone is a special Italian cake enjoyed around Christmas and New Year. The POW BAR special panettone is using lots of organic fruits soaked in fragrant rum and white wine.

It is rich and fluffy without egg and butter. When you cut into this cake, you will smell the delicious ingredients immediately.

Pow Bar is sure that guests will enjoy this cake with friends and family during the holiday season this year.

・Price: ¥3400 (includes tax) /1 (diameter 134mm, height130mm – Sizes will vary slightly.)

・How to keep: If not eating immediately, keep sealed and at room temperature.

・Best before: 2weeks

・Ingredients: Hokkaido flour, soy milk, coconut oil, beetroot sugar, California raisin, Australian sultana raisin, sun muscat raisin, lemon peel, orange peel, rum, white wine, panettone yeast, vanilla beans,salt.

・How to eat: 2-3 days after made it will still be fluffy, so eat as is. After 3 days, heat up slices in a toaster oven and add butter or coconut oil to taste a different texture.

Bookings between: 11/22 (Sun) – 12/15 (Tue)

Pickup: Either 12/18 (Fri), 19 (Sat), 20 (Sat)

Payment:When you book or pickup

How to book: SNS (InstagramFacebook), CAFE, DM

Email: [email protected]


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