◆Japanese Language Class

All classes are free and are located in the Niseko Chomin Center. Participants are expected to cover their own textbook fees.

Beginner Japanese I (Updated Jan 2020)

Learning Points:Finished hiragana, starting katakana and elementary grammar
Schedule:Every Tuesday, 10:00-11:30 am (90 mins)
Textbook:Genki 1(Chapter 2)

Beginner Japanese II (Updated Jan 2020)
Learning Points:Conjugating adjectives, using te-form
Schedule:Every Wednesday 10~11 am (60 mins)
Textbook:Genki 1 (Chapter 6)

◆Eikawa TALK

Eikaiwa Talk (Updated Jan 2020)

Instructor:Michael, Mei, Mitch, Ema
Event Description:Relaxed environment for non-native English speakers to practice casual conversation with each other, receiving general talking points and instruction from English speaking staff and volunteers. Open to English speaking volunteers who would like to interact with Japanese locals.
Schedule:Every 2nd & 3rd Saturday 10~11 am (60 mins)


◆Chinese Class

Chinese Language & Culture Class

Learning Points:Simple conversations, various daily life situations
Schedule:Every Thursday, 10:00-11:15 am (Class is out of session during Jan 2020)


International Exchange Association Niseko FRIENDS(Niseko Town)


担当:Mitchel Lange  TEL0136-44-2121 [email protected]