I would like to thank everyone for their support of the Niseko Promotion Board over the last year. I feel that we have achieved a great deal, though still have a fair distance to go. After a very successful ski season, the interest in Niseko is as high as ever. All ski areas are moving forward with their resort development. New hotels, ski lifts and after ski infrastructure of restaurants, shopping and of course bars. There also has been an increased effort to raise the profile of summer activities available. With treetop adventure parks, mountain bike trails, zippiness adding to the rafting and cycling that we are already famous for. With all these new ingredients, it is now, that we need to push the Niseko brand as an all year round resort and try and fill in the customer gaps in our calendar year. The Niseko tourism industry has also led to economic and social benefits to our local towns. Towns with good job prospects, good education and a great lifestyle our essential to attract new staff. So as we move ahead, the Niseko Promotion Board and our members should also keep a sense of community and lend support to areas outside of those that directly affect us. Finally, I feel that the future is looking very exciting for Niseko. I am looking forward to working with everyone over the next year to realize the Niseko Dream.


NAC Co. Ltd


I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to all members of the community for their help and understanding in Niseko Promotion Board’s activities. Shinkansen, highway, rise in land price, and G20 Tourism Minister’s meeting. These are just a few examples of positive changes that will be brought to this area in the near future. With these changes happening, I feel that this area is catching attention from all over the world. When changes take place, we NPB also needs to rethink what it is the NPB can do for the community, how NPB can benefit it’s members and the community. For the Niseko area to further evolve as a year-round resort, NPB holds a responsible and important role. We will continue improving our skills and professionalism to enhance development of the area.




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