Lady Niseko 2016 chosen!!

We are pleased to announce that the Niseko area ambassadors “Lady Niseko 2016”, who were publically recruited by the Niseko Promotion Board for the first time this year, have now been chosen. The ambassadors are five charming Niseko-area residents who are all so much in love with the area. The members of Lady Niseko 2016 will be introduced one by one in the August Newsletter so keep checking on the News!

-Jaga Bon Dancing (7 August) participation still available
The team NPB is going to participate in the Jaga Bon Dancing for the first time on Sunday, 7 August, the second day of the Jaga Festival. The dance parade is scheduled between 18:30-19:30. Although the official application for the participation has already been closed, there are still some spaces for those who wish to dance with the newly recruited members of the Lady Niseko. Please contact the NPB office should you be interested to take part in the parade. Dance practice is scheduled on Tue. 2 August, 2016 at Niseko Chomin Centre, if you hope to join it, please join us. Feel free to join our dance practice scheduled on Tue., 2 August at Niseko Chomin Centre.


Calling for participating businesses in the Lady Niseko Campaign
Celebrating the birth of Lady Niseko 2016, we’d like to propose that we have a Lady Niseko activity period (1 August 2016 – the end of May 2017) in which the member companies offer special memorial menus to the visitors in Niseko (for instance, “Lady Niseko Cocktail” to be offered at certain premises in the area during the period). Menus such as health and beauty menus, trial experiences, “Joshikai (girls’ party) menu” and so on which target female visitors are very much welcome. If you had submitted female-targeted menus in the last restaurant information update, those menus shall be applied as well. Please submit your campaign menus here.
Please contact Tani at the NPB office should you have any questions.
TEL 0136-21-2551
[email protected]