We are pleased to announce that our new organization and office of Tourism Division in Hirafu Area.


Tourism, Commerce and Industry Division has been split into two divisions
From April 1, 2016.


Tourism and Regional Development Section, Tourism Division

(ex-Tourism Promotion Section and Regional Tourism Section, Tourism, Commerce and Industry Division)
Sun Sportsland Kutchan (From April 18, 2016)

41-5 Aza Kabayama Kutchan 044-0078
Phone 0136-23-3388
Fax 0136-23-3399


Commerce Industry and Labor Section, Business Invitation Section
Town Planning and Shinkansen Division

(ex-Commerce Industry and Labor Section, and Business Invitation Section, Tourism, Commerce and Industry Division)

3 North1 East3 Kutchan 044-0001
Phone 0136-56-8012
Fax 0136-23-2044


We appreciate your continued support.