While the globalization does not seem to cease, the number of foreign residents here in Hokkaido has been increasing each year and their population has been widely spread throughout the area.

Moreover, last April after the Enforcement of the Revised Immigration Control Act was released, we are expecting even more foreign residents.

With this in sight, in order to realize a multicultural society here in Hokkaido, it is imperative that we understand each our’s cultures and our different life styles.

That being all said, Hokkaido Foreign Resident Support Center will hold 2 free consultations to welcome foreign residents with an open arm while providing them with the assistance they need in their everyday life in Japan.

For the PDF version of the flyer click HERE.

For inquiries:

Hokkaido Foreign Resident Support Center

TEL:011-221-7840 FAX:011-221-7845

Email: [email protected][email protected]

Do not forget, Hokkaido Foreign Resident Support Center also has a Facebook page too.