You can take Shinkansen bullet train or fly into Hakodate airport to come to Niseko! Till 31st of Jan.

Looking for other ways to come to Niseko? The special bus service will continue this winter till end of January, 2019. You can now take Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Hakodate and use this shuttle to come to Niseko or simply fly to Hakodate Airport instead of New Chitose Airport.

You can make reservation via below link:

Here is the schedule:

Hakodate JR [email protected]:35 => New Hakodate Hokudo JR Station (for Shinkansen train)@11:20=> Hirafu Welcome Center @14:10

Hirafu Welcome [email protected]:50=> New Hakodate Hokudo JR Station (for Shinkansen train)@17:40=>Hakodate JR [email protected]:15

For more details, click HERE.

Photo by Inspiring Grateful Travels