Applications are now open for the 34th Niseko Marathon Festival which will be held on the 18th September 2016 (Sun). In the last 34 years the Niseko Town Marathon Festival has become a beloved event to the local community. This event couldn’t exist without the incredible athletes who come and participate every year, so thank you very much!

◇Race courses:

■Half marathon (21.09km)
Men (High school – 39 years old), 40-59 years old
Women (High school and above)
60 years old and above

Men (High school – 39 years old)
Women (High school – 39 years old)
Men (40 – 59 years old)
60 years old and above
Women (40 years old and above)

Men (Middle school – 39 years old)
Women (Middle school – 39 years old)
40 – 59 years old
60 years old and above

Elementary school boys
Elementary school girls
Parents & children (elementary and younger)
Open (Middle school and above)

◇Opening ceremony: 08:45
◇Start times: 09:30 (Half Marathon) 10:35 (10km) 11:10 (5km) 10:05 (3km)
*Please be sure to arrive at the event grounds at least an hour before your race.
◇Start line: Niseko Town Athletics Field
◇Finish line: Niseko Town Athletics Field
◇Prizes: Top 6 runners in each category
All participants receive a commemorative Niseko Marathon long sleeved T-Shirt

◇Application period:
16th June 2016 (Thu) – 29th July 2016 (Fri)

◇Participation fee:
Adults & high school students – 3,500 yen
Elementary and middle school students – 2,000 yen
Parent and child pair – 4,500 yen

◇Application method:
Please send postal applications to:
Niseko Marathon Entry Centre
060-0006, Sapporo-shi, Chuo-ku, Kita 6-jo 20-chome, 2-3 ISUM Building

◇Online & smart phone applications can be made via RUNNET.


There is a special discount available for Niseko Town residents. For more information please see the Niseko Marathon Festival information pack. Information packs will automatically be sent to last year’s participants.

To make enquiries about the Niseko Marathon Festival or request an information pack please contact one of the following:
Niseko Marathon Entry Centre   Contact. 011-622-1100
Niseko Marathon Festival Executive Committee   Contact. 0136-44-2034