Have Unedited Niseko Footage? Edit It Into A New Short Film For This Year's Niseko Shootout!

With fewer would-be filmmakers travelling to and seasoning in Niseko this winter, Niseko Shootout Short Film Festival organisers need you.

The Shootout team is reaching out around the world to ask professional and would-be film makers to help boost this year’s Short Film Fest with a retrospective Niseko cut.

As long as it is within five minutes, anything goes in this year’s Shootout format – just make sure it’s got plenty of Niseko soul! Summer films also are welcomed – surfing, mountain bike, hiking, trekking, SUPing; show us as all.

Dig out your old footage – the older the better – and craft a cut that sings to a nostalgic Niseko audience in this time when we’re all dreaming of years gone by.

Registration and entry are free.

For inspiration check out last year’s entries HERE.

The Niseko Shootout Film Festival is the grand finale to this year’s Niseko Shootout series.

Finalists’ films will be shown on a big screen on Saturday, March 12th. MORE DETAILS to come. Make sure to check out our Event section.

Winners will be judged and awarded on the night, along with the winners of the #NisekoShootout Instagram Contest.

JPY350,000 in cash and seriously cool prizes including 2022-23 Niseko United All SEASON Pass, Free NISADE Stay and a Gentemstick snowboard are up for grabs.

Registration is free and simple Just submit the registration form HERE; open from now until March 1st, 2022.

Check out the recap video from last year!!


  • First Prize: ¥180,000 cash prize
  • Second Prize: ¥100,000 cash prize
  • Third Prize: ¥70,000 cash prize

The is year the Niseko Shootoout is partnering with the European – based Mountain Film Awards. Winning films will be featured on their website alongside other great films from Morzine, Tigner and Verbier.


  • First Prize: ¥180,000 cash prize
  • Second Prize: ¥100,000 cash prize
  • Third Prize: ¥70,000 cash prize

Entrants will be judged by the below 5 criteria:

  • Niseko soul
  • Story telling
  • Innovation
  • Cinematography
  • Production & Editing

*The Niseko Shootout jury will select the winning films and no discussion into the final decision will be entered into.

It is free to enter a film into the Niseko Short Film Festival.

Entrants must fill out the Niseko Shootout Short Film Fest Entry Form.

Films must be submitted by March 1st, 2022.

Entries can be of any duration with a maximum run time of 5 minutes.

Films can showcase year-round scenery, not just winter.

Films can be in any language, however, they must be accompanied by an English translation or have English and Japanese subtitles.

If the films contain words, captions are strongly recommended considering the native languages of the judges’ panel (English & Japanese).

Films must contain footage filmed in and/or around the Shiribeshi region.

Films must not depict scenes of action deemed illegal by Japanese law. This includes, but is not limited to trespassing and the damage of public/private property, i.e. Avalanche barriers, rails, public/private structure, etc.

Entrants are responsible for ensuring films have all music (festival rights) and talent permissions required for public display. Please submit relevant documentation with your film entry.

Films entered will remain the property of the filmmakers. By entering the Niseko Short Film Festival your film will be published online on the Niseko Tourism website, YouTube, and other SNS.

By entering filmmakers give permission to the organizers of the Niseko Shootout Short Film Festival to screen this film in public as well as use short clips and stills of this film for promotion and publicity purposes.

The copyright and ownership of the film will remain with the filmmakers and entrants.

Entrants are required to supply promotional materials: 3x still images and a 10-15 second teaser clip for the purpose of promoting the film and film fest.

*The entrant acknowledges and agrees that all matters not covered by these guidelines, and questions arising from them, will be decided at the sole discretion of Niseko Shootout organizers.

There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners only. Each winner can come from any category. For Example, All winners can come from 1 category.

Technical Requirements:

Entrants are required to provide an HD high-resolution version of the film.

Means of submission will be discussed via email upon the entrant’s registration.