Did you know Autumn is one of the best times to visit Niseko?

Niseko might be known for its powder snow and stunning winter landscape, but autumn is one of the locals favorite season during the year. Not only do we revel in the autumn leave (koyou) scenery, it is also the perfect time to enjoy all these 10 things in Niseko area:


With its superb weather conditions, autumn is THE time to explore all the mountains around Niseko. For the people who would like a good challenge, Mt. Yotei, Mt. Annupuri and Mt. Chisenupuri are all fantastic options. If you would like something a bit more relaxing, make sure to visit Hangetsu Lake, Kagami Marsh, Fukidashi Park or Shinsen Marsh and just soak in the fresh autumn air with a nice excursion.


Savor in the freshest produce at all the Niseko local spots. You can find their operation schedule below:

An Dining Operating till breakfast on Nov 11th. Open again from Nov 18th for winter season.
Bang Bang Open till Oct 26th. Open again late Nov for winter season. (Dinner only)
Bistro Re Arbor Open all year round
cafe HANA Open all year round (Lunch only)
Graubuden Open all year round
Green Farm Cafe Open all year round (Closed Oct 27th – Nov 1st for maintenance)
Jojo’s Cafe Open all year round
Lupicia Open all year round
Madriano Open all year round
Midtown Diner Open all year round (Closed Oct 7th-9th for maintenance)
Milk Kobo Open all year round
Niseko Pizza Open till Oct 28th. Open again Nov 15th for winter season.
Prativo Open all year round (Lunch only)
Seven Star’s Cafe Open all year round (Lunch only)
Toshiro’s Bar Open Oct 9th to 12th & Oct 24th-26th. Open again Nov 23rd for winter season.
Long Tang Open all year round (Closed from Oct 1st till 16th)
Ichiseko Open till Oct 15th. Open again Dec 1st for winter season.
Harvest Cafe Open till Nov 4th. Open again Nov 19th for winter season.
Moon Bar Open all year round (close on Sunday)
Hirafu Zaka & Snow [email protected] Chalet Ivy Open again Oct 21st
Taj Mahal Open all year round
Temporada Open all year round (Closed Sundays to Wednesdays; Closed Oct 27th – Nov 1st for maintenance)
Tomone Po-cha Open all year round (Closed Tuesdays)
Ichimura Soba Open all year round (Lunch only)
Guzu Guzu Bakery Open all year round (Breakfast & Lunch only)
Yoko Oh No Open Fridays (Closed from Oct 25th; Open again Nov 15th for winter season)
Gokoro Udon Open all year round (Lunch only)
Niseko Curry Goya Open all year round (Lunch only)
Sekka Lab Open till Oct 28th. Open again Nov 20th for winter season.
Somoza Open till Nov 2nd. Open again Dec 3rd for winter season.
El Asador Open Thursday to Saturday in November (Accept private party reservations for Tuesday & Wednesday).
Umami Open all year round
Orench Open all year round (Close on Wendnesday)

3. Golfing.

Did you know there are three golf courses in Niseko area, offering great variety in their layouts. The Niseko Village Golf Course is operating till Oct 22nd. Both HANAZONO Golf and The Niseko Golf Course are open till Nov 4th. Why not enjoy the beautiful Hokkaido foliage while playing a round of golf?

4. Rejuvenate and relax in Onsens!

There are more than 25 different onsens around Niseko with different textures or smell due to the mineral content and can relax your body after a full day of activity. The temperature during Autumn is ideal for a long soak.

5. NAC Niseko Adventure Park.

The largest obstacle course in Japan is one spot you don’t want to miss during your visit to Niseko in autumn. Challenge yourselves or your family & friends and have fun in the wonderful nature of Hokkaido. Contact NAC team in advance to check on availability.

6. Trick or Treat.

There is tons of spooky fun in the Niseko area.. Check out Kutchan Halloween on Oct 19th and Halloween Costume Party on Oct 26th. Come and join the Halloween horror with the locals and all the scary excitement.

7. Rafting.

For the ones who want to experience some fun on water, Good SportsLion AdventureNOASC & NAC are operating till end of October/beginning of November.

8. Cycling.

The comfortable autumn weather and the wide roads in Niseko makes the riding experience so much better! Starting this year, you can rent e-bikes from The Green Leaf Hotel and explore further more easily.

9. Celebrate 2019 Rugby World Cup!

This year, more than 7 venues in Niseko area invite all the Rugby lovers to watch the exciting games and cheer for the teams together. Find out more details HERE.


10. Day touring around Niseko

Take a day and visit all the scenic spots near Niseko as close as 30min drive such as Lake Toya, Yoichi, Jozankei, Otaru or Shakotan and see all the autumn beauty south west Hokkaido region has to offer.

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