Panaracer and HOKKAIDO EVENTSAnnounce Title Sponsorship of NISEKO GRAVEL

Niseko Gravel Panaracer

HOKKAIDO, July 28. – HOKKAIDO EVENTS, event organizer for cycling events such as NISEKO GRAVEL and the ANA Niseko Classic, has announced a sponsorship deal with Panaracer Corporation. Panaracer, manufacturer of Panaracer bicycle tires and tubes, will become the new title sponsor for NISEKO GRAVEL , an adventure cycling event. Under this new sponsorship, the event will be rebranded as the “Panarace NISEKO GRAVEL” .

The sponsorship deal places Panaracer as the lead supporter for NISEKO GRAVEL, an endurance gravel cycling
event located in the international resort town of Niseko, Japan. The sponsorship represents a partnership
between Japan´s premier gravel event with gravel cycling´s premier tire and tube manufacturer.

“We are thankful to have support from Panaracer,” said Hokkaido Events event manager. “Their tires and tubes are top quality, this has propelled them to the top of the gravel cycling scene. NISEKO GRAVEL looks to follow in their footsteps and further establish ourselves as a premier, top quality gravel event. Panaracer´s support makes this goal achievable.”

NISEKO GRAVEL was the Niseko area´s first gravel event, having first been held in 2020. The event´s origins are rather humble: the initial test event was held with just 5 participants. In the years since, the series has grown to include two annual events and now attracts hundreds of riders from across Japan. The main event for 2022 will be held from September 3rd to 4th at the Niseko Annupuri International Ski Area and will feature a festival aiming to transform Niseko into, “the center of gravel culture in Japan.”

About Panaracer Corporation

Panaracer is a specialized manufacturer of bike tires and tubes with its head office and factory in Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture. Over its 70 year history, the company has produced numerous products that have helped win big titles in cycling competitions.

Panaracer has quickly established itself as a leader in the gravel cycling scene with its popular gravel road tire, the “GRAVELKING”, leading the world gravel tire market and boasting the top
class market share. Panaracer´s title sponsorship agreement between HOKKAIDO EVENTS will help to establish a
unique Japanese gravel culture – one that will eventually be launched to the world.

The agreement is scheduled to be signed by the end of July 2022 and will see Panaracer providing financial support and prizes for NISEKO GRAVEL 2022 to be held from September 3rd to 4th of
this year. Panaracer is proud to support the event and festival and to lead the development of gravel cycling culture in Japan.


HOKKAIDO EVENTS was established in 2015 in Niseko to host the NISEKO CLASSIC, an international amature cycle race and an official UCI Gran Fondo World Series event. The event has served as a summer flagship content and has helped to further boost the area’s tourism industry.

The organization’s major activities include the promotion of cycling projects that serve to highlight the area’s natural beauty. Events like the NISEKO CLASSIC have continued to grow and serve as ambassadors for the Niseko area. The “ANA NISEKO CLASSIC 2022,” held from June 10 to 12, 2022, attracted approximately 1,000 cyclists from across Japan.

HOKKAIDO EVENTS attributes this success to their close cooperation with the community and with their sponsors and supporters. The organization is proud to be rooted in, and to work closely with, the Niseko community.

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Panaracer Corporation
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