Stylish, Luxurious and Elegant- Hanazono’s big step forward

Niseko Hanazono Resort
New Lifts & Course Information

The long-awaited new Hanazono Lift 1 6-seat hooded detachable chairlift and the all-new 10-person Hanazono Symphony Gondola, both showcasing the very latest in style, luxury, and technology from POMA (France), will finally beunveiled in December 2021.

These new ski lifts represent a huge leap forward in terms of comfort, speed, and convenience for Hanazono guests,
who already flock to Hanazono because of its quality powder snow, interesting terrain, and superior quality facilities.

The new ski lifts have been specifically designed to complement the glamorous look of the new “Hanazono EDGE” restaurant, with its soaring glass walls and cutting-edge roof design. The lifts have been positioned to maximize the breath-taking Hanazono mountain views and provide guests with an unrivaled view of the slopes. The POMA direct drive system, the first of its kind in Japan, will bring a new era of environmental responsibility to snow resort operations, with reduced levels of noise and improved energy efficiency.

New Hanazono Lift 1

The new Hanazono Lift 1 can only be described as the smoothest, most luxurious chairlift in Japan. Dubbed the “Ferrari of Chairlifts” by Powderlife magazine, the new 6-seat detachable hooded chairlift boasts individually embroidered, leather-trimmed, and heated seats, and an individual suspension system for each chair. Moving an industry-leading 3085 persons per hour, the journey of 1589 meters will provide a welcome and cozy respite between runs. Guests will arrive refreshed at the top station and ready to plunge into Hanazono’s renowned powder stashes and variety of courses.

Hanazono Symphony Gondola

Designed by Italy’s Pininfarina, the brand new 10-person Hanazono Symphony Gondola represents the pinnacle of modern gondola design and comfort, and will be the first POMA 10-person Gondola installed in Japan. Each cabin boasts individually embroidered, leather trimmed seats, and an individual suspension system for each cabin. Expansive windows will provide guests with magnificent mountain views as they travel at an industry-leading 5 meters per second. The 1362 meter long Gondola will service Hanazono’s class-leading beginner terrain “Juicy Fruit” via a new intermediate “mid-station”, with intermediate and advanced skiers able to enjoy the new “Colly’s Folly” run commencing from
the top station.

As its name suggests, the Hanazono “Symphony” Gondola is indeed a masterpiece of design, innovation, and excellence. Located adjacent to the elegant Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono, the Hanazono Symphony Gondola is set to provide guests with unrivaled comfort, convenience, and luxury. Powered by direct drive technology, riding the Hanazono Symphony Gondola will provide a sonata of sensory experiences for Hanazono’s esteemed customers.

New Experiences

The new Hanazono ski lifts open new ski terrain and ski courses on the eastern side of the mountain. The arrival of
the Hanazono Symphony Gondola also heralds the commencement of night-skiing at Hanazono, with each gondola cabin boasting its own unique coloured, LED lighting system to light the night sky.

Intermediate Ski course – “Colly’s Folly”

Located on the east side of the famous “Legend of Shinya” ski course and commencing at the top of the new Hanazono Symphony Gondola, you will find the new red (intermediate) course, “Colly’s Folly”. The 550-meter course, just about 1 / 3 right at 20’ish degrees, will suit intermediate and advanced skiers alike. Wide and groomed from side-to-side, “Colly’s Folly” is set to become an all-time favourite for skiers of all standards.

Beginner Ski Course – “Juicy Fruit”

The mid-station of the new Hanazono Symphony Gondola is the entrance to “Juicy Fruit”, a newly fashioned 800-meter green (beginner) ski course with an average slope of just 7 degrees, making it the perfect slope for first-timers and beginners, as well as ski and snowboard students enrolled with Hanazono’s famed in-resort snowsports school “Niseko International Snowsports School” (NISS). “Colly’s Folly” from the east, “Legend of Shinya” from the center, and “Stairway to Heaven” from the west all converge to meet at “Juicy Fruit”.

The new ski lifts at Hanazono will serve not only winter guests but also those who visit Hanazono in the green season. Summer gondola operations will service Hanazono’s new zipline network (set for completion June 2022), as well as Hanazono’s forthcoming light exhibition designed by world renowned artist Bruce Munro (details coming soon). Next time you visit Hanazono, be prepared for a five-star ride as luxurious as the entire Hanazono resort experience is becoming.

Please see the official press release on the Hanazono website.