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Flywire Report: What will define luxury travel in 2023

Flywire is a payment platform for travel companies that provides customers with secure and streamlined ways to pay, so you can focus on what you do best–building unforgettable experiences, dedicated to international travels and businesses in Niseko.

We’re super excited to share our annual luxury travel report with you, What will define luxury travel in 2023. In our second annual report, we surveyed more than 600 luxury travelers from the United States to understand what they’re doing, where they’re going and how they will make their travel decisions in 2023.

We found that luxury travelers are ready to spend more time and money traveling in 2023–providing ample evidence of the resilience of the travel economy. Hybrid and flexible work, plus a level of comfort in stacking business and leisure travel, are giving space for longer and more frequent getaways, and making destinations that may be in their off-seasons appealing year-round.

This report is a must-read for agents and travel providers as it looks at the spending patterns, destination plans, and must-haves for luxury travelers in 2023.

In this interactive report, you can expect to learn:

  • How much do luxury travelers plan to spend on their trips in 2023, and where do they want to travel to?
  • How are flexible and hybrid work arrangements affecting luxury travel?
  • How do luxury travelers view travel agents and advisors and what do they need in 2023?

How are luxury travelers looking at group travel, and what once-in-a-lifetime events are on their lists?